"Climber" promotion song MV Wu Jing Zhang Ziyi Hu Ge Charge and encounter danger

1905 movie network news On September 18, the film released the promotional song "Like a Rainbow" MV. While showing the two young singers UNINE Xia Hanyu and Chen Xuening singing affectionately, the MV also exposed more thrilling new scenes in the film in which the mountaineers played by Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Yi, Jing Boran, Hu Ge, etc. joined forces to fight storms and avalanches during the process of reaching the summit of Mount Everest, and erected "Chinese ladders". At the end of Wu Jing’s promise of "what I promised you, I will definitely be able to do it" is also very touching. The singers UNINE Xia Hanyu and Chen Xuening also expressed that they are very honored to write the "musical afterthought" for the film through their singing, hoping to inspire more young people to inherit the spirit of their predecessors and pay tribute to the immortal glory of heroes. The film will be released on National Day on September 30 and is now available for pre-sale nationwide.

Climbing Alliance Charge Encounters Danger, Wu Jing’s promise to climb the summit touches people’s hearts

Previously, the movie "Climber" promotional song "Ruhong" was launched, and on the day of release, it reached the first place in the music peak popularity ranking of an authoritative platform, as well as the first place in the Weekly Ranking of the same period of music peak popularity ranking. At the same time, it also received many hot comments from netizens: "UNINE Xia Hanyu and Chen Xuening’s two young singers’ affectionate interpretation of" Ruhong "makes people feel the power of emotion, and sings the friendship, love and family and national feelings that support the climbers to move forward bravely and climb Mount Everest." Another fan said: "’Like a Rainbow’ shows us not only the love of making a rainbow, but also the spirit of the climbers who are not afraid of difficulties and face difficulties is the pride of the people. It also makes me look forward to the story of the climbers in the film’measuring the height of the motherland with their footsteps’."

In the "Rainbow" MV released this time, it is also exposed that the mountaineers played by Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Yi, Jing Boran, Hu Ge, etc. in the film, join hands to fight against storms and avalanches during the process of reaching the summit of Mount Everest, and jointly erect a new picture of "China Ladder". The promise of Wu Jing at the end, "What I promise you, I can definitely do it", is also extremely touching and tearful. Although the mountaineers in the film have different experiences and pasts, they gather together for the same goal of climbing Mount Everest and shoulder the national responsibility and mission of climbing Mount Everest together. The thrilling and shocking film images in the MV, together with the touching singing and lyrics of "Like a Rainbow", also make people feel as if they are in the story of the film, and feel the determination and belief of the climbing alliance to climb Mount Everest side by side.

UNINE Xia Hanyu Chen Xuening expresses her musical experience and pays tribute to every climber

For the collaboration to sing the promotional song "Rainbow" of the movie "Climber", UNINE Xia Hanyu and Chen Xuening, two excellent young singers, also expressed their great honor, and admitted that they hoped to convey the climbing spirit of the climbers in the film in the form of "music after reading" through their singing, and inspire more young people to inherit the spirit of their predecessors and continue to move forward bravely.

For the first collaboration between the two, UNINE Xia Hanyu said that this "Rainbow" is a "musical afterthought" they dedicated to the movie "Climber", and it is also a "dialogue" between them and the climbing heroes: "Even if there is a storm and blizzard on the climbing road, we will fearlessly go all out for our dreams and pay tribute to the climbing heroes." Chen Xuening also said with emotion: "I specially learned about the deeds of the climbing heroes before, and I admire them from the bottom of my heart." Rainbow "is like a soft bond that connects the present with the past, resulting in the glory of the immortal heroes."

The film "The Climber" is produced by Tsui Hark and Zeng Peishan, written and directed by Li Rengang, written by Alai, written by Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Yi, Jing Boran, Hu Ge, Wang Jingchun, He Lin, Chen Long, Liu Xiaofeng, Quni Tsering, Lavan Rob, and Dobj. Jackie Chan starred in a friendship. The film will be released on the National Day file on September 30, and is now available for pre-sale nationwide.

Huawei applied for registration of multiple AITO trademarks, trademark protection or creating ecology?

  Blue Whale Auto reporter learned from Tianyancha that within the month, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huawei") applied for registration of pharmaceutical products and daily chemical products.AITO trademarks and other categories, goods/services include massage equipment, wearable medical biometric data monitor, electric massage gun, cleaning agent for automobile, wax for automobile, etc.

  Although there are no projects directly related to vehicle production, Huawei’s move has once again triggered a heated discussion on its "car-making action".

  At the 100,000th off-line ceremony of AITO on May 27th, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, once again responded to the question "Does Huawei make cars?" Everyone said that Huawei doesn’t make cars, but the accurate explanation is that Huawei doesn’t make cars alone. How can we do it without making cars? How can you survive without building a car? You must build a car! However, Huawei does not build cars alone, but builds cars with car companies, builds good cars and builds the best cars. "

  From the name change storm of "HUAWEI asking the world" in March to the subsequent statement of "not building cars alone", the relationship between Huawei and AITO asking the world has attracted more and more attention. In the process of building AITO asking the world brand in cooperation with Huawei,Has the role changed?

  Huawei recently registered several AITO trademarks.

  The reporter inquired from Tianyancha and China Trademark Network that as early as December 2021, before the release of the AITO brand, a company named Zhengde Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhengde Electronics) took the lead in applying for registration of multi-category AITO trademarks, among which the most important 12 categories of trademarks covered vehicles, land, air and sea carriers (but because the tire group trademark was applied by other companies, Zhengde Electronics did not apply for production at that time) The company was founded on March 2, 2021, as if to apply for a trademark.

  Subsequently, Zhengde Electronics successively transferred 12 kinds of AITO trademarks to Chongqing Haokang Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chongqing Haokang) and 7 kinds and 9 kinds of trademarks to Beijing Ruide Kaizhuo Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ruide Kaizhuo), whose goods/services covered exchange development.Air filters for automobile engines, automobile oil pumps, interactive touch-screen terminals, navigation instruments for vehicles (onboard computers), automobile audio equipment, car televisions, etc. On July 5 and December 9, 2022, Zhengde Electronics applied for 12 categories of AITO trademark groups of tires twice, and it is still waiting for substantive examination.

  According to Tianyancha, Chongqing Haokang is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Chongqing Xiaokang Holdings Co., Ltd., and the actual controller is Zhang Xinghai, the chairman of the group; Zhengde Electronics and Ruide Kaizhuo have no more information at present. However, as the agency of the above-mentioned trademarks is Huajin United Patent and Trademark Agency Co., Ltd., the agency of Huawei’s HarmonyOS trademark, some insiders speculate that it is Huawei behind Zhengde Electronics and Ruide Kaizhuo, but there is still no information to prove the relevance of the three.

  In order to better protect their trademark rights, trademark holders generally avoid trademark infringement through cross-category registration, approximate registration and sub-brand registration. However, compared with the frequent actions of Zhengde Electronics and Ruide Kaizhuo, Chongqing Haokang is not active in the process of protecting trademarks. Only four pieces of registration information of AITO trademarks can be found on China Trademark Network, while Zhengde Electronics and Ruide Kaizhuo have 25 pieces and 273 pieces of registration information respectively.

  Since March, 2022, AITO brand has successively launched three models, namely, the M5, M7 and M5 EV, with the words "the model of the car" printed on the back of the car body. Correspondingly, the trademark of Wenjie currently belongs to Beijing Yongan Shida Science and Trade Co., Ltd., which has had many trademark transfer businesses with Huawei-related enterprises.

Image source: screenshot of China Trademark Network

  The reporter also noticed that during the month, Huawei also applied for dozens of 12 kinds of trademarks, including Lanjie, Tongjie, Tengjie, Xuanjie, HarmonyOS Jiejie, Kunlin and Lunyu.

  In short, 12 categories of AITO trademarks belong to Huawei, and Huawei is actively acquiring other categories of AITO trademarks.

  How to define the right to use a trademark under the ecological environment?

  On March 8 this year, AITO Automobile used the words "HUAWEI asks the world" on its social media platform for the first time, which gained great attention from both inside and outside the industry.

  "Huawei provides core software and hardware technologies such as electrification and intelligent parts, and helps car companies sell good cars through product definition, user experience, quality control, channel retail and brand marketing, helping car companies achieve commercial success while driving Huawei intelligence.Large-scale sales. Although HUAWEI replied that "Huawei asks the world" is a brand of Huawei eco-car and a brand-new business model initiated by Huawei, it has not stopped speculation about "Huawei makes cars".

  On March 31st, Huawei announced the auto business decision signed by Ren Zhengfei himself.The announcement puts strict requirements on the body logo, emphasizing that Huawei /HUAWEI cannot be used in vehicle publicity. At the financial report conference held on the same day, Huawei once again responded that in order to avoid being misunderstood by the outside world as "Huawei makes cars", today Huawei internally issued the "Resolution on Huawei not making cars". The business model and cooperation strategy of the eco-car will not change. Xu Zhijun, Huawei’s rotating chairman, said that it is strictly forbidden for Huawei brands to appear in front of any automobile brands, and materials in flagship stores and retail stores will be cleaned up.

  At present, there are three main modes of cooperation between Huawei and car companies: one is the component mode of selling standardized products; The second is the Huawei Inside mode (referred to as "HI mode") that provides full-stack smart car solutions; Third, deeply participate in product and vehicle design, and provide intelligent selection mode of sales network channels.

  At the high-level forum of China Electric Vehicle committee of 100 Forum (2023) held on April 1, Yu Chengdong once said that the current series of models of the world are produced by Cyrus, and Chery, BAIC and JAC will also produce Huawei’s complete solution models soon. "If they all adopt different brands, it will be very troublesome to separate retail marketing, so it is necessary to implement the ecological alliance of the world."

  He further explained that in the future, there will be no conflict between the models launched by several partners under the intelligent selection mode, and they will still work together to build an ecological alliance, make full use of the production capacity resources of the car factory and jointly build competitiveness.

  In response to the question of trademark use rights in the world, Xia Hailong, a lawyer from Shanghai Shenlun Law Firm, told the Blue Whale Automobile reporter that there are generally two types of changes in trademark use rights. One kind is transfer, for example, the trademark of A is completely transferred to B, and then the trademark will be held by B, and A can’t use it. There is also authorization, which is a very extensive way. For example, A authorizes B to use this trademark in certain regions, certain commodities and within a certain period of time. Under the authorization mode, A can still use its own trademark, and A can also authorize multiple subjects such as BCD to use it at the same time.

  "As long as Huawei has obtained the trademark right or the right to use it, it can use the trademark within the scope of trademark registration or authorization." Lawyer Xia Hailong said.

The total box office of the Spring Festival pre-sale exceeded 400 million, and "Tang Tan 3" broke 300 million, far ahead.

1905 movie network news The Spring Festival box office war is in full swing. According to the data of Cat’s Eye Professional Edition, up to now, the total box office of the pre-sale of Spring Festival movies in 2021 has exceeded 450 million, and the single-day box office on the first day of New Year’s Day has reached 350 million.

Among them, after a year’s absence, the audience is looking forward to it, and the box office performance is also the most prominent. The total box office of film pre-sale has broken 300 million, which is far ahead on the list, opening the gap with other films.

The film, which was written and directed by ourselves, ranked second with a box office score of 63.47 million yuan. The film is based on a sketch of the same name. Li Huanying in the title is the late mother of Jia Ling. The film tells the story of actress Jia Xiaoling who goes back to the past through time and space and touches young parents and their dreams after experiencing the grief of "children want to raise but not stay with their relatives". It is a "family-friendly" comedy, which brings together comedians such as Jia Ling,, and so on. The plot is warm and healing, which makes people laugh with tears.

In addition, and two fantastic films are also very popular with the audience. Ranked third and fourth with 28.36 million and 15.77 million respectively. A Writer’s Odyssey is a visual blockbuster across the parallel world, directed by the director. "The Order to Serve the Gods" is adapted from the well-known game "The Master of Yin and Yang", and it is expected to cooperate with two friends in the same frame again.

In addition to the above four films, there are also crime comedy films starring,, and the animated film "The Wild Road with Bears" and, with various types for different audiences to choose from. Which film are you most looking forward to during the Spring Festival?

Five departments: schools shall not force or imply students and parents to buy designated teaching AIDS or materials.



  党中央、国务院历来高度重视教育收费管理工作,自全国治理教育乱收费部际联席会议制度建立以来,在各有关部门、地方各级政府的共同努力下,教育收费水平保持了基本稳定,教育乱收费现象得到了有效遏制。但随着经济社会的发展,教育收费管理工作在体制机制、政策执行、监督管理等方面仍然存在一些问题,与教育改革发展的需要和人民群众的期待仍然存在一定差距。为贯彻落实《中国教育现代化2035》《国务院办公厅关于进一步调整优化结构 提高教育经费使用效益的意见》等文件精神,进一步加强和规范教育收费管理,现提出以下意见。







  — — Adhere to problem orientation, reform and innovation. Constantly improve the management system of education fees, improve the policy of education fees, strengthen the management of fees in key areas and key units, focus on solving the problems of fees system and mechanism that are incompatible with the reform and development of education, and focus on solving the problems of fees that are strongly reflected by the masses. Administer education in an all-round way according to law, adhere to administration and financial management according to law, strengthen supervision after the event, combine daily supervision with special supervision, and innovate the way of charging supervision.

  Second, improve the education charging policy

  (3) Adhere to the nine-year compulsory education system. Compulsory education is fully included in the scope of financial security, and public compulsory education schools do not charge tuition and miscellaneous fees. All localities should strictly implement the compulsory education law, consolidate and improve the funding guarantee mechanism for compulsory education in urban and rural areas, adhere to the nine-year compulsory education system, and prohibit arbitrarily expanding the implementation scope of the free education policy. The standard of exempting students from tuition and miscellaneous fees in private compulsory education schools is implemented according to the benchmark quota of public funds per student; For the part with insufficient per capita education and training cost, we should strictly implement the non-profit statutory requirements and reasonably determine the charging standard. It is strictly forbidden to collect donations linked to enrollment. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, schools or other social organizations that recruit students in the compulsory education stage to carry out professional training in literature, art and sports should not include tuition and fees that students are exempted from after completing the nine-year compulsory education course.

  (four) adhere to the implementation of non compulsory education training cost sharing mechanism. Non-compulsory education implements the input mechanism of government investment, reasonable sharing by the educated and financing from other channels. According to the cost of running a school, the level of economic development and the financial situation, all provinces should implement and dynamically adjust the per capita financial allocation standard or the per capita public funding standard for public kindergartens, ordinary high schools, secondary vocational schools, higher vocational colleges and ordinary undergraduate colleges. Schools (including kindergartens, the same below) charge tuition fees (conservation education fees) to the educated according to a certain proportion of the annual average cost of education and training, and charge accommodation fees to boarding students in consideration of actual costs (excluding financial allocations). Students with financial difficulties in families enjoy the policy of reduction and exemption in accordance with relevant state regulations. All provinces should reasonably determine the proportion of tuition fees (conservation education fees) of public kindergartens, ordinary high schools and secondary vocational schools to the annual average education and training costs in light of local conditions. At present, the proportion of tuition fees in public institutions of higher learning to the annual average cost of education and training should not exceed 25%, and all localities should reasonably determine it according to the level of economic and social development, training costs and people’s affordability.

  Kindergartens run by the army that recruit children of local personnel and enjoy subsidies from the local people’s government shall be charged in accordance with the relevant provisions of public kindergartens; Those who do not enjoy subsidies shall be specifically formulated by the army in accordance with relevant state policies, and the charging standards shall be reasonably determined. The charging policies for Chinese-foreign cooperative education and part-time postgraduate education shall be formulated by the provinces.

  (5) Adhere to the classified management of private education fees. According to the relevant provisions of the Law on the Promotion of Private Education, the specific measures for charging non-profit private schools shall be formulated by the provincial people’s government; The charging standards of for-profit private schools shall be regulated by the market and decided by the schools themselves. The charging standard of inclusive private kindergartens is determined reasonably according to the administrative measures for the identification of inclusive private kindergartens promulgated by provincial people’s governments, taking into account the charging levels of public kindergartens and inclusive private kindergartens as a whole, and taking into account factors such as the level of economic development, the affordability of the masses, the cost of running parks and the level of financial subsidies. All localities should speed up the formulation and implementation of financial subsidy standards for inclusive private kindergartens, implement public subsidies for private schools in the compulsory education stage, strengthen the regulation of charging standards, and resolutely prevent excessive fees. Private schools established before November 7, 2016 shall be managed as non-profit private schools before completing the relevant procedures for classified registration.

  (six) improve the school service charges and fees and other policies. In addition to completing the normal tasks of conservation, education and teaching, the school provides students with relevant convenient services needed for study and life, and organizes activities such as study tours, after-school services and social practice. For the part borne by students or their parents, service fees can be charged according to the principles of voluntariness and non-profit. If the relevant services are provided by institutions or individuals outside the school, the school may collect and pay the relevant fees. The specific policies on school service charges and agency charges shall be formulated by the provinces. Projects that have been explicitly prohibited by the state or explicitly stipulated by the financial guarantee shall not be included in service charges and fees on behalf of the school. Schools shall not set up service charges and fees on behalf of the school without authorization, and shall not obtain the difference in the fees collected. They shall not force or imply students and parents to buy designated teaching AIDS or materials, and shall not charge related fees by starting classes in advance or in disguised form. In-school student dormitories and off-campus student apartments organized by social forces are not allowed to provide relevant life services or bundle service charges with accommodation fees. The school’s self-operated canteen shall collect meals from students who voluntarily dine, and shall adhere to the principle of public welfare and shall not be for profit.

  (7) Improve the charging policy for overseas Chinese students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan studying in the mainland (the mainland of the motherland). For students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who study in the mainland (the mainland of China) and overseas Chinese students who study in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, the same charging policy as that for mainland students (the mainland of China) shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations; Admission to the mainland (the mainland) ordinary colleges and universities and research institutes, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the implementation of the same fees as the mainland (the mainland) students.

  (eight) improve the international student fee policy. For international students studying in public primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, the charging policies shall be formulated by the provinces. The school charging policy for children of foreigners shall be formulated by the school independently. The charging standard for self-funded international students in China accepted by colleges and universities is reasonably determined by the school according to the local economic and social development level and training cost, so as to avoid vicious competition. According to the agreement between the Chinese government and the sending country, the charging policy for students who come to China for education shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations.

  Third, improve the management system of education fees

  (nine) to establish and improve the dynamic adjustment mechanism of education fees. All localities should, in accordance with the prescribed management authority and the principle of territorial management, comprehensively consider factors such as the level of economic and social development, the cost of education and training, and the affordability of the masses, reasonably determine the charging standards for tuition fees (conservation and education fees) and accommodation fees of public schools, and establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism for charging standards that is compatible with the level of funding and funding. If there is any change in the school charging policy, it should be publicized to the public before the release of the enrollment brochure. Encourage all localities to adapt to the teaching organization mode under the flexible academic system and explore the implementation of credit system charge management in colleges and universities. In schools that have been approved to implement credit system fees, the total tuition fees paid by students who normally complete their studies according to the credit system training program shall not be higher than the total tuition fees for the implementation of the academic year system in principle, and other professional courses are added or re-courses are re-taken. Schools can charge fees according to the credit charging standards stipulated in the courses. Tuition and accommodation fees shall be charged according to the academic year or semester, and shall not be collected in advance across academic years (semesters). If students drop out of school, drop out of school, finish their studies early or transfer with approval, the school should reasonably determine the amount of refund according to the actual study time. All localities should fully implement the state’s various financial aid policies, help students with financial difficulties to solve practical problems, and must not affect their normal study and life because of the adjustment of tuition standards.

  (ten) to strengthen the education and training cost investigation. Timely revise and improve the Measures for the Supervision and Examination of Education and Training Costs in Colleges and Universities (Trial), and organize the supervision and examination of the annual average education and training costs in colleges and universities. In accordance with the pricing authority, according to the Price Law, the Measures for the Supervision and Examination of Price Costs Formulated by the Government, etc., combined with local conditions, all provinces actively carry out the investigation of education and training costs in kindergartens, ordinary high schools and secondary vocational schools, and standardize the investigation behavior of education and training costs. Schools at all levels and of all types should strengthen cost accounting, and record and account the education and training costs completely and accurately.

  (eleven) standardize the hearing system of education fee decision. All localities should formulate or adjust tuition fees and other charging standards of various schools at all levels organized by the government in strict accordance with the authority and procedures prescribed by the state, include them in the catalogue of pricing hearings and conduct hearings, fully solicit opinions from relevant sectors of society, and ensure the democratic, scientific and transparent decision-making on education fees. If the standard of education fees is lowered, or the adjustment of the standard of education fees involves a small area, the hearing may adopt a summary procedure. To formulate other educational charging standards, and if necessary, a hearing can also be held.

  (twelve) strictly implement the publicity system of education fees. All localities should strictly implement the publicity system of education fees, and no fees shall be charged without publicity. All kinds of schools at all levels should establish and improve the standardized dynamic management system of charge publicity and take the initiative to accept social supervision. The charging items and standards should be publicized to students in a prominent position in the school, and indicated in the enrollment brochure and the admission notice. In the compulsory education stage, the charging standard of private schools should be publicized together with the subsidy of public funds per student obtained by schools. Students have the right to refuse to pay fees that should be publicized but not publicized according to the regulations, or fees that are inconsistent with the prescribed policies. When the charging policy changes, the school should update the publicity content in time to ensure that the publicity content is legal and effective. All localities should strictly implement the list of administrative fees such as education fees, and shall not increase the fees and expand the scope of fees without authorization.

  (thirteen) to strengthen the management of education fees. Tuition and accommodation fees of public ordinary high schools and secondary vocational schools, tuition fees, accommodation fees, entrusted training fees of public institutions of higher learning, night and short-term training fees of Handu Radio and TV University, etc., as business income, are included in the financial special account management according to the requirements of "two lines of revenue and expenditure". Public kindergarten fee income management according to the existing regulations. Service fee income shall be charged by the school according to the regulations; On behalf of the school fee income all transferred to provide services units, shall not be included in the school income. Schools should incorporate all the income and expenditure of education fees into departmental budget management and increase the overall planning of funds; The expenses related to the arrangement of education fees shall be included in the standardized management of the project library according to the regulations. Combined with other income such as education fees, we will make overall arrangements for the budget of financial allocation to give better play to the efficiency of the use of financial funds. All localities shall not use the school fee income to balance the budget, and shall not occupy, intercept, transfer or misappropriate the school fee funds in any form. Private school fee income should be paid into the school bank account filed by the education administrative department for unified management, which is mainly used for education and teaching activities, improving school conditions and ensuring the treatment of faculty and staff, and drawing development funds according to relevant laws and regulations. When collecting administrative fees, schools should use the financial bills printed (supervised) by the financial department in accordance with the financial affiliation, use the corresponding tax invoices when collecting service fees, and use the fund settlement bills when collecting fees.

  Fourth, strengthen the governance of education fees

  (fourteen) the implementation of education fees supervision responsibility. Education fees adhere to the principle of "who approves and who is responsible". The member units of the joint conference on the control of arbitrary charges in education shall, according to their respective responsibilities, incorporate education charges into the catalogue management, adjust them dynamically in a timely manner and announce them to the public in a timely manner, and supervise the implementation of relevant charging items and charging standards according to law; Strengthen the cost investigation of education fees, and establish and improve the dynamic adjustment mechanism of fees; Strengthen the supervision and inspection of fees in the field of education, and investigate and deal with illegal fees according to law; Strengthen the price management of teaching materials and supplementary materials; Guide schools at all levels to implement the education charging policy and standardize the charging behavior. All kinds of schools at all levels should strictly implement the prescribed charging scope, charging items, charging standards and charging methods, and establish and improve the school charging management system.

  (fifteen) improve the management mechanism of education fees. All localities should attach great importance to the management of education fees, establish and improve the leadership system and working mechanism, and persist in systematically promoting the management of education fees. The member units of the joint meeting of the local governments to control unreasonable charges in education should make overall coordination, improve the mechanism of regular consultation and information release, form a work pattern of charge management with clear responsibilities, collaborative linkage and mutual promotion, and strengthen the governance of education charges in key areas. It is necessary to bring the management of education fees into the scope of education supervision. Explore the establishment of a special audit system for school fees, focus on strengthening the audit of non-profit private schools, and prohibit the organizers of non-profit private schools and non-profit Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools from obtaining income from school-running income such as tuition fees, distributing school-running balance (surplus property) or transferring school-running income through related transactions and related parties in various ways.

  (sixteen) to increase the investigation and punishment of illegal charges. All localities should strengthen the daily supervision and regular inspection of education fees, establish and improve the risk early warning of education fees, acceptance of letters and visits, supervision and supervision, public notification and interview mechanisms, and seriously deal with the problems of illegal fees found. Establish and improve the accountability mechanism, the main responsibility of charge management is not implemented, measures are not in place, damage the vital interests of the masses, resulting in adverse social impact of the units and related responsible persons should be seriously accountable. If the illegal charges of private schools have a bad influence, the enrollment plan and financial support funds will be deducted according to the law until the school license is revoked or revoked.

  (seventeen) to strengthen the basic capacity building of education fee management. Implement the "National Education System Financial Management Cadre Training Implementation Plan", organize and carry out education fee management training, and improve the ability and level of education fee management. All localities should make full use of modern information technology, explore the establishment of an annual statistical reporting system for education fees, strengthen the management of education fees, further strengthen service awareness, and improve service capacity and level.

  The management of educational fees in scientific research institutes and party schools at all levels shall be implemented with reference to this opinion, and the policies for the management of fees in institutions affiliated to education departments at all levels shall be formulated separately.

Ten years ago, he quietly left after saving many people by the mourning hall. Ten years later, the parties finally found a benefactor.

Gao Wei (second from right) toasts the elders of the Huang family. Chengdu business daily

"Come on, second brother, let’s go!"

At noon on January 30th, at the invitation of Huang Bangyin’s family, Gao Wei made a special trip to Shifang to have a reunion dinner. During the dinner, he was full of laughter and joy. Ten years ago, Gao Wei saved more than 10 relatives and friends who were poisoned by carbon monoxide while attending a wake for Huang Bangyin’s lover. After leaving Shifang, Gao Wei changed his job, went to other cities and changed his mobile phone number, and lost contact with Huang Bangyin.

This life-saving kindness has always been remembered by the Huang Bangyin family. On the tenth anniversary of his lover’s death, Huang Bangyin’s family searched in many ways and finally found Gao Wei.


More than 10 people were poisoned by carbon monoxide. He left quietly after saving people.

Huang Bangyin of Shigu Village, Shigu Town, shifang city is 85 years old, and his lover died in the twelfth lunar month of 2009. Ten years ago, on the 25th day of the twelfth lunar month, he will never forget it. It was the day before his lover was buried. More than ten people who were resting in the next room of the mourning hall burned steel charcoal to keep warm, and all of them were poisoned by carbon monoxide. "If Gao Wei didn’t find it in time, more than 10 lives would be gone!" Although it has been ten years, he still has a lingering fear when talking about the scene at that time. When it comes to the thrilling place, the old man’s mouth twitched.

Huang Ruofang, the fifth daughter of Gao Wei and Huang Bangyin, used to be a colleague and friend of the same unit. When Gao Wei learned of Huang Ruofang’s mother’s death, he took his lover from Chengdu to Shifang to pay homage and express condolences.

Ten years ago that night, Gao Wei went to Shigu Town, shifang city, Huang Ruofang’s hometown.

Gao Wei and several other young people of the Huang family have been vigiling beside the mourning hall, while others are resting in the next room. Because it is too cold, more than ten people who are resting in the next room burn steel charcoal to keep warm.

At about 4 am on the 26th of the twelfth lunar month, an accident happened.

"At that time, there were 10 people falling in the house, and they couldn’t wake up when they shouted." Gao Wei recalled that the temperature was low that night, and some relatives and friends of the Huang family went to the next room to warm themselves. It was about 4 o’clock in the morning, and a door opposite him opened and I saw someone lying at the door. At first, I thought I was drunk and felt something was wrong, so I went over to have a look and found that the air in the room was wrong. More than 10 people were lying on the ground and there were several pots of charcoal burning in the room.

Found suspected carbon monoxide poisoning, Gao Wei hurriedly shouted "save people quickly", and was busy opening the doors and windows of the house to ventilate, so that his wife could call 110 and 120 emergency calls.

"Looking at 10 relatives and friends lying in the house, my legs are scared." Huang Ruohua, the second son of Huang Bangyin, said that on the night of the incident, some relatives and friends stayed at home after various ceremonies were completed. Some are leaning on the sofa in the living room, while others are crouching in the chair, warming themselves by the fire and waiting for the next day. "When I heard shouting for help, the first reaction was that the mourning hall was on fire." He came out and saw that Gao Wei and others were busy carrying people out and rescuing them. "I was worried when I saw how many people were carried out." Huang Ruohua said.

Gao Wei, Huang Ruohua and others rushed to carry more than 10 relatives and friends out of the house. Some relatives and friends are still conscious, while others can’t wake up. Fortunately, after the alarm, 120 ambulances rushed to the scene. Everyone is busy sending more than 10 people to the car on the roadside a few hundred meters away. More than 10 relatives and friends were sent to the hospital for rescue.

Fortunately, it was discovered in time, and after the rescue, relatives and friends woke up one after another. After rescuing more than 10 relatives and friends of the Huang family, Gao Wei and his wife left quietly the next morning in order not to add trouble to the Huang family. When Huang Ruofang finished handling things at home, she was ready to thank Gao Wei, and Gao Wei went on a business trip again. After so many years, Gao Wei’s work changed, and after the mobile phone was replaced, Huang Ruofang lost contact with Gao Wei.


I finally got in touch with him and invited him back to "home" for a reunion dinner.

Not long ago, on Huang Bangyin’s birthday, all five children came back to celebrate their old father’s birthday. During the dinner, I talked about the tenth anniversary of my mother’s death. In the local countryside, the tradition of worshipping predecessors before the Spring Festival is preserved. Huang Bangyin has always had a wish to thank Gao Wei, the benefactor who met once, for having a reunion dinner together.

The family found the relevant departments, and Huang Ruofang contacted his old colleagues in many ways. Just two or three days ago, he finally contacted Gao Wei. Knowing that the Huang family wanted to invite him and his family back to the Youth League, Gao Wei readily agreed.

Yesterday morning, Gao Wei drove, took his wife and little daughter with him, and arrived at Huang Bangyin’s house at 10 o’clock in the morning. Huang Bangyin and his five children have moved out of the old yard and rebuilt their new houses.

After a brief greeting, Gao Wei, accompanied by the Huang family, went to the old yard. Gao Wei put incense on the grave of Huang Bangyin’s lover. The Huang family specially booked a banquet in a famous local restaurant, and warmly entertained the savior from afar. Although we haven’t seen each other for many years, when it comes to the past, both sides have endless words and endless drinks. In order to express his friendship with the Huang family, Gao Wei specially brought good wine to Huang Bangyin and gave red envelopes to the children of the Huang family.

"The Huang family really misses their feelings, which makes them feel at home." Gao Wei said. In a flash, 10 years passed. What changes is the living environment and the appearance of everyone, but what remains unchanged is the current situation.

(Original title: Ten years ago, after saving many people by taking a new mourning hall, he quietly left. Ten years later, the people finally reported that they had found a benefactor and celebrated the reunion.)

It may take some time for the Internet lottery to "stop" online sales for more than one year.

  Internet lottery sales were stopped by the Ministry of Finance and other eight departments last year. How the rectification is going and when to restart Internet lottery sales have always been concerned by the market. At the same time, after the internet lottery was stopped, there were still some hot sales of goods with the nature of gambling on the Internet. For example, some websites launched "one yuan to buy" and "one yuan to win the treasure". Are these behaviors legal or not? What are the potential risks? Recently, our reporter conducted an investigation on the chaos, causes, risks and regulatory issues of Internet lottery, and welcomed lottery participants to participate in the discussion.

  — — Editor

  Online sales are banned, and lottery players are troubled.

  "You can sell train tickets and movie tickets online. Why can’t you sell lottery tickets?"

  "The Internet has penetrated into every corner of social life, and many industries are actively promoting it ‘ Internet plus & rsquo; Why can’t lottery sales add the Internet? " Many lottery players expressed doubts and incomprehension when it was mentioned that lottery tickets were not allowed to be sold online.

  In April 2015, the Ministry of Finance and other eight departments jointly issued an announcement, which clearly defined the use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets, and resolutely stopped and severely investigated all kinds of unauthorized use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets. Up to now, the Internet lottery has been "stopped" for more than a year.

  Ms. Wang, a marketer of an insurance company in Shanghai, is an "online shopper". Almost everything she eats at home is scoured online. She said that before shopping on Taobao, some merchants would send one or two lottery tickets to their old customers, wishing them a good win. Although a lottery ticket won 2 yuan, the merchants’ small thoughts are still quite warm.

  In Wan Hui Shopping Mall near Chaoyang Road, there is a lottery sales point. After shopping in the mall, many residents will also take out some change to buy some lottery tickets. "Buying lottery tickets can not only entertain ourselves, but also contribute to the welfare cause. We retired old buddies come here every now and then. However, if it is windy and rainy, it will be difficult for old arms and legs to go out. It will be more convenient if you can buy lottery tickets online or on your mobile phone. " An old man who is filling in the lottery number told reporters.

  Internet lottery sales stopped, and those who were most affected were the old lottery players. Mr. Zhang works as a business manager in a manufacturing enterprise in Northeast China and has been paying attention to lottery tickets for more than 10 years. He introduced that many old lottery players have their own research methods for choosing lottery numbers, and once this number is selected, they will often pursue it for many times. He travels all the year round, and he used to be able to buy lottery tickets on the Internet. Now he has to look for lottery stations everywhere in a strange city, and sometimes he is worried about missing the betting time, so he has to ask his family to remember to buy them. I put a lot of extra care into myself, but I have less fun buying lottery tickets. After a long time, family members also feel troublesome and even cause family conflicts. He told reporters: "I don’t understand. You can sell train tickets and movie tickets online. Why can’t you sell lottery tickets?"

  During the two sessions this year, some deputies suggested that sports lottery tickets and welfare lottery tickets approved by the government have become a part of people’s lives. Stopping the sale of lottery tickets on the Internet for a long time has not only brought a lot of inconvenience, but also encouraged underground lottery tickets, providing a living space for illegal interest channels.

  There are many scams and the risks are difficult to control.

  There are illegal phenomena such as "stealing and selling" and "stealing lottery tickets", and some lottery tickets are occupied and intercepted.

  In March and April of this year, some lottery players found that they could buy sports lottery and lottery tickets through some websites or mobile apps. This phenomenon has also attracted great attention from relevant departments. On May 24th, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a notice, reiterating once again the strict investigation of online companies and other units and individuals using the Internet to sell lottery tickets without authorization.

  Then, why are the relevant departments not soft on Internet lottery sales? Can regular lottery tickets be sold online?

  "The way of selling lottery tickets on the Internet is virtual and networked, with high security risks and heavy social responsibilities. Countries all over the world are generally cautiously promoting and strictly supervising this." According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Finance, lottery issuance is an important part of lottery supervision. China’s lottery issuance methods include physical store sales, telephone sales, Internet sales, self-service terminal sales, etc. The Ministry of Finance actively supports lottery institutions to continuously strengthen the construction of lottery channels, including exploring the use of Internet sales methods.

  According to the regulations, China Welfare Lottery Issuance Management Center and Sports Lottery Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, as lottery issuers, must be finally reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Finance before the specific implementation. So far, the Ministry of Finance has not approved any lottery agency to officially open the business of selling lottery tickets through the Internet.

  Changing the sales method to sell lottery tickets online requires the approval of the Ministry of Finance, which is due to the consideration of the security of lottery funds and the control of transaction risks. Selling lottery tickets online without authorization may lead to unimaginable risks.

  For example, is the lottery ticket that consumers buy through websites or mobile apps a real and effective regular lottery ticket or a scam of phishing websites? Did the lottery money really enter the national lottery fund pool? If one link can’t be controlled, it will harm the interests of lottery players, cause losses to the country and seriously interfere with the healthy development of lottery.

  In fact, in the past two years, there were indeed illegal phenomena such as "stealing" and "stealing lottery tickets", and some people were even listed as international "Hongtong" personnel. According to the investigation by the public security organs, from 2012 to 2014, Chen Mou, a Macao criminal suspect, collaborated with others to sell lottery tickets through the Internet without the authorization of the National Lottery Distribution Center. Among the sales betting orders it received, only 400 million yuan entered the lottery center system, and 100 million yuan was not issued through the lottery center system. The intercepted 100 million yuan lottery money is equivalent to "sitting in a private village". If someone wins the prize, they will win it privately, and the rest of the lottery money will be illegally appropriated by Chen Mou and others. According to the above criminal facts and conclusive evidence, the Guangzhou procuratorate approved the arrest of Chen Mou according to law. At the same time, Interpol China National Central Bureau issued a red notice to Chen Mou in time, and launched a global wanted notice. In November 2015, Chen Mou was forced to enter the country from Macau through Zhuhai Gongbei Port and surrendered himself to the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau.

  The person in charge said that the issuance and sale of lottery tickets is not only a simple entertainment activity of "seeing luck and taking chances", but also must highlight the public welfare characteristics and responsibility concept of national lottery tickets. The relevant departments will "open the door and block the back channels" and carry out a pilot project of selling lottery tickets on the Internet and mobile phone clients in a unified way to ensure that the lottery tickets sold on the Internet are stable, orderly, safe and controllable.

  When online sales open, technology should be "cow"

  A unified online lottery management system should be established for real-time monitoring.

  Compared with traditional lottery sales methods, online lottery sales have the advantages of reducing distribution costs and improving operational efficiency, and social recognition is getting higher and higher. Statistics show that in 2014, national lottery sales reached 382.378 billion yuan, of which online sales reached 85 billion yuan, accounting for 22.2% of the total lottery sales. Although these online sales are not standardized, they account for more than 50% of the annual lottery sales increase. Many lottery players are concerned: When will online lottery sales be able to "open the gate"? What is the progress of related work?

  The reporter learned from the relevant departments that there were some chaos in online lottery sales in the past, mainly because the technical means of monitoring were not enough, which led to mixed fish and dragons and difficult to control risks. The idea now is to lay a solid foundation first and do a good job in the construction of the internet sales lottery management system. Using the Internet to sell lottery tickets, it is necessary to conduct unified management and real-time monitoring through the Internet lottery sales management system established by lottery issuers.

  At present, the construction of Internet lottery management system is in progress. On May 26th, the website of the Ministry of Finance published the Public Bidding Announcement on the overall marketing and promotion project of China Welfare Lottery Distribution Management Center by telephone and Internet. According to the announcement, the marketing planning of Internet sales welfare lottery and the output of related publicity materials will be completed by the end of October this year, in line with the subsequent listing and promotion of Internet sales welfare lottery. On July 4, the announcement of winning the bid for the overall marketing and promotion project of Internet sales welfare lottery was released, and People’s Daily won the bid of 5.18 million yuan.

  After the system construction and other related work are completed, welfare lottery and sports lottery issuers will submit market analysis reports and technical feasibility analysis reports to the Ministry of Finance, as well as technical testing reports issued by third-party professional testing institutions, and then apply for approval according to the prescribed procedures before launching the trial of selling lottery tickets on the Internet and mobile phone clients. It may take some time for these programs to go down.

  Some enterprises that want to try to sell lottery tickets online or on mobile phones believe that the progress of the Internet lottery system, what kind of enterprises can cooperate to sell lottery tickets, and what qualifications and conditions they need are the focus of social attention. Relevant departments should disclose relevant information to the public, clarify the industry access conditions and audit standards, let relevant enterprises prepare as soon as possible, participate in the competition openly and fairly, and promote the orderly development of Internet lottery sales.

  ■ Extended reading

  What are the lottery funds in China?

  According to China’s "Regulations on Lottery Management" and its implementation rules, relevant regulations of the Ministry of Finance, etc., the proportion of lottery funds is determined by the State Council, and the specific proportion of lottery bonuses, lottery issuance fees and lottery public welfare funds for each lottery variety is determined by the Ministry of Finance according to the decision of the State Council.

  With the approval of the State Council, the Ministry of Finance can determine the proportion of funds for specific lottery games within the scope of the bonus ratio not exceeding 75%, according to the demand for lottery issuance and sales and the characteristics of different lottery varieties. The proportion of business expenses of lottery issuing institutions and lottery sales institutions shall be drawn up by lottery issuing and sales institutions according to the needs of lottery development, and shall be reported to the civil affairs department at the same level or the sports administrative department in consultation with the financial department at the same level for approval before implementation.

  Lottery bonuses should be designed in a proportional way, that is, lottery bonuses should be extracted from lottery sales in a certain proportion. The proportion of lottery prizes should be within the maximum limit approved by the State Council and adhere to the principle of proportional reward. It is necessary to appropriately control the maximum prize amount of single-note lottery tickets, reasonably set the prize amount of lottery tickets, improve the winning surface of lottery tickets, and enhance the experience and entertainment of lottery purchase.

  In terms of the proportion of lottery public welfare fund, the lottery issuing institution shall reasonably draw up the proportion of lottery public welfare fund in the rules of lottery games according to the demand situation of lottery tickets and the characteristics of lottery varieties, which shall not be less than 20%.

  The proportion of lottery issuance fees should be reasonably drawn up according to the characteristics of lottery varieties, issuance scale and issuance methods.

  Since January 1, 2016, the proportion of traditional and instant lottery issuance fees has remained unchanged at 15% for lottery varieties approved by the Ministry of Finance; Lotto, digital, video, Keno lottery payment ratio of more than 13%, will be adjusted to 13%; If it does not exceed 13%, the proportion of its issuance fee will remain unchanged temporarily; If the proportion of public welfare funds for quiz lottery games is less than 20%, the proportion of distribution fees will be reduced by 2 percentage points. The above-mentioned reduction in the distribution fee ratio of lottery games shall be used to increase the proportion of public welfare funds for corresponding lottery games, except that 1 percentage point of the reduction in the distribution fee of Chinese welfare lottery two-color ball games is transferred to the game adjustment fund for returning prizes.

  (Wang Guan finishing)

  How to supervise lottery abroad?

  United States: In the United States, each state establishes its own lottery supervision and distribution institution according to the state constitution and lottery law. The highest supervision institution of lottery is the state lottery commission, and the lottery company is the direct management department of lottery in each state. Lottery tickets are sold through distributors. Lottery committees in most states are independent of the state government and are responsible for the interests of the people in the whole state. Generally speaking, the lottery committees in each state are mostly composed of elected members or governors and representatives of the people appointed by the state speaker, such as retired anti-drug police and retired certified public accountants. No salary is paid except for the reasonable expenses of performing duties, and the Committee itself does not receive any government funding. Internet lottery in the United States has experienced a process from prohibition to liberalization. At the end of 2011, the US Department of Justice changed the interpretation of online lottery sales, and completely loosened the Internet lottery. In 2012, Illinois became the first big state to offer online lottery tickets. At present, 12 big states have approved the expansion of lottery sales to the network field.

  Britain: The British national lottery is the largest lottery in Britain, which is approved by the British Parliament to raise funds for public welfare undertakings such as art, sports and charity. In Britain, there are four institutions jointly responsible for the operation and management of the national lottery, namely, the British Ministry of Culture, Media and Sports, the National Lottery Commission, the operator company and the national lottery fund allocation agency. The National Lottery Committee is the main management organization of the national lottery in Britain. It is necessary to ensure the integrity of all aspects of the lottery industry, protect the interests of lottery players and increase the amount of lottery public welfare funds. Through open bidding, it will issue business licenses to the winning companies to be responsible for their operations and supervise the national lottery. The operator company is responsible for the operation and management of the national lottery, including the design, production and sales of lottery products, and provides services for lottery players and winners.

  Singapore: Singapore implements a government franchise system for lottery tickets. In May, 1968, Singapore Lottery (Private) Co., Ltd. was established by the Lottery Authority under the Ministry of Finance of Singapore, with the purpose of cracking down on illegal betting activities by providing legal betting channels and benefiting the society with surplus income. The company implements a market-oriented operation mechanism in which the board of directors makes decisions, the management operates independently and is responsible for its own profits and losses. According to the regulations of the Singapore government, the company is required to pay gambling tax at 25% of the issuance income, and pay consumption tax at 7% of the issuance income after deducting the bonus. The annual net surplus income is turned over to the lottery management bureau for social welfare undertakings such as culture and sports.

  (Wu Tao finishing)