In 2013, the film company grabbed the director and occupied the first place in Huayi.

The New Force of Film in 2013 (Part II): In 2013, the film marketing industry entered a period of expansion, and the publicity expenses continued to decline year after year.

    Film network feature In 2013, the total box office in the mainland reached 21.769 billion, and 32 newly released domestic films exceeded 100 million. The top ten films in the box office of Chinese films are still produced or distributed by those big companies, and Huayi’s family has taken over these three films. Last year, the total box office of the films produced and distributed by the company reached 3 billion yuan, far ahead of other private enterprises. With a completely turned-over light, last year it ranked second by releasing films. Bona Film, a veteran powerhouse, suffered a "small year", and although its reputation was good, the market response was average. This year, Wanda, LeTV, Pony Pentium and other companies have made great moves. Although Hong Kong companies such as Anle, Yindu and Huanya have not produced much in the Mainland, they have made a lot of blockbusters, which are highly anticipated.

    Looking back on 2013, it has become their goal for large companies to continuously acquire, open up markets and realize the whole industrial chain model. Huayi, whose main business includes movies, artists’ brokerage, advertising, etc., acquired more than half of the shares of two TV drama companies last year, aiming to vigorously develop the TV drama business and no longer rely on movies as a revenue to support the company. Light, which started as a TV program, also took a stake in Xinli Media, hoping to get a share in the field of TV dramas. Compared with the big moves of these two companies in capital, Bona Film has kept a low profile. In 2013, it was tepid, several blockbusters have not yet started, and the finished masterpieces have been delayed to be released this year. Such a slow action will probably be surpassed by the second legion such as Wanda and LeTV.

    It’s not just these private companies in the mainland that are racing around in the film market. Huace Film, which started as a TV series, has also begun to enter the film circle. With strong financial support, Hong Kong film companies are eyeing this big cake in the mainland to form teams and shoot blockbusters. In 2014, the film market will be a year of competition and division.

Some filmmakers’ achievements in 2013

First, mainland private companies compete for the first place, develop new directors and seize the market.

1. Huayi: Maintain the leading edge. The new and old directors are in full bloom.

    In 2012, the box office of Huayi’s films reached 2.1 billion, and films such as,, and all performed well. In 2013, "Demon on the Journey to the West" won the annual box office championship with a success of 1.246 billion, and "The Dragon King, the God of Di Renjie" and "Private Custom" also achieved good box office. In this year, the total box office of Huayi’s films exceeded 3 billion, with a box office growth rate of 45%. Huayi tried overseas expansion, co-produced films with South Korea, and released approved films. In 2014, Huayi produced at least seven new films. The company’s leading edge has always been obvious, and it is expected to continue in the new year.

    As the earliest private film and television company listed on the A-share market in the Mainland, Huayi has always been regarded as the leader of the film circle. Although the release of "Private Customization" for the Lunar New Year has caused its share price to fall, more people think that this is just a normal operation and will not have an essential impact on the future trend of Huayi’s stock.

    In September 2013, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huayi Brothers acquired 70% equity of Zhejiang Changsheng Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., and the legal person of Zhejiang Changsheng is Zhang Guoli who has a good personal relationship with Wang Zhonglei, Xiaogang Feng and others. On December 24th, Huayi Brothers acquired 51% equity of Zhejiang Yongle Film and Television Co., Ltd. for 397 million yuan, becoming the largest shareholder of this company. Zhejiang Yongle is good at shooting TV series, and the new version of Sui and Tang Dynasties Romance, Water Margin and other popular TV series are all invested and filmed by the company. Previously, Huayi has not performed as well as movies in TV series. These two acquisitions are intended to turn the company’s short-board business into a strength and gradually realize the whole industry chain model.

    In 2014, Huayi made frequent moves in movies. Peng Haoxiang’s new work has been finished, and it should be recognized by the market with the lineup of Huang Xiaoming and Zhou Xun. After Chen Guofu left, Gu Changwei joined Huayi, and his first work, titled, was closely integrated with real life. After Xiaogang Feng finished "Private Custom", the next play has not been put on the agenda. In order to stop relying too much on Xiaogang Feng, Huayi has gradually cooperated with several directors. Among them, there are not only Hong Kong and Taiwan directors such as Doze Niu and Alex Law, but also mainland new directors such as Tian Yusheng and Cheng Er, all of which have blossomed and seized market share.

    In 2011, Huayi once reached a cooperation with Legendary Entertainment of the United States, and the two sides jointly formed a new company, Oriental, and planned to launch one or two large-scale production films released globally every year. But the good times did not last long, and the cooperation between the two companies soon fell through. At the beginning of 2012, the New Deal for Chinese and American films was introduced, and more and more Hollywood blockbusters flooded into the mainland, and Sino-foreign cooperation also increased. When the blockbusters joined hands with overseas, Huayi made another move in 2013.

    In 2013, Huayi co-produced the film "Da Ming Scarlet" with the Korean Film Company, and started a new mode of cooperation. The film was released on July 18th, and the box office closed at 110 million yuan. It was not a big sale, but it opened a new chapter in the cooperation between the company and overseas. Huayi not only invested in filming, but also entered the film approval market. The Tsunami Miracle, which was released at the end of August, made a box office of 55 million. The result was not gratifying, but it was a new attempt. In 2014, Huayi accelerated the pace of cooperation with overseas filmmakers, and invested in films starring Brad Pitt and Shia La Beouf. From co-production between China and South Korea to investment in American blockbusters, Huayi’s ambition in overseas expansion can be seen.

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How to review the key points of self-taught degree English?

As a popular form of continuing education, more and more people choose to take the self-taught examination to improve their academic qualifications. Many people who want to improve their academic qualifications are puzzled. They want to take the self-taught undergraduate course, but they don’t know the specific policies of the self-taught examination. How to review the key points of the self-taught degree English?

Click to enter:If you have any questions about the self-study exam, don’t know how to choose the main examination institution and major, and don’t know the local policy of self-study exam, click to learn now > >

How to review the key points of self-taught degree English?

First, understand the exam outline

Before reviewing the self-taught degree English, we need to know the exam outline first, and make clear the exam content, question types and score distribution. This will help to review in a targeted manner and improve efficiency.

Second, pay attention to vocabulary accumulation

Vocabulary is the basis of English learning, and it is also the focus of English review for self-taught degree. Candidates need to pay attention to the accumulation of vocabulary in peacetime, and can expand their vocabulary by memorizing words and reading English articles. At the same time, mastering some common roots and affixes is also very helpful for memorizing words.

Third, strengthen grammar training

Grammar is another important part of English learning, and so is self-taught degree English. Candidates need to be familiar with the basic rules of English grammar and master common sentence patterns and expressions. At the same time, you need to do some grammar exercises to consolidate your grammar knowledge by doing problems.

The self-study exam has the advantages of flexible learning style, small contradiction between work and study, low cost, "lenient entry and strict exit" and "separation of teaching and examination". All People’s Republic of China (PRC) citizens can take the self-study exam regardless of gender, age, nationality, race and education level. Self-study exams gradually complete their studies by accumulating credits. Learners complete all the courses specified in the professional examination plan and obtain qualified grades, and complete graduation thesis or other teaching time tasks. Those who pass the ideological and moral appraisal are allowed to graduate and obtain corresponding graduation certificates, and their academic qualifications are recognized by the state. Graduates of self-study exams who meet the degree requirements shall be awarded a bachelor’s degree by the examiners with the right to award degrees in accordance with relevant regulations.

The above is related to the adult self-study exam, and candidates can use it as a reference, which is subject to the official announcement! Candidates who want to get more information about the self-taught examination, such as the registration time, examination time, application conditions, preparation knowledge and related news, please pay attention to the online self-taught examination channel of China Education.

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If you have any questions about the self-study exam, don’t know how to choose the main examination institution and major, and don’t know the local policy of self-study exam, click to learn now > >

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In April, 2024, all provinces registered for self-study exams in official website.

Summary of Registration Time and Entrance of Self-taught Exams in April 2024 by Provinces

Futian joined hands with volleyball experts to cheer China women’s volleyball team for London.

  On July 17th, "Foton Motor joined hands with volleyball experts to cheer for the China National Women’s Volleyball Team" was held in the car. Zhang Rongfang, secretary of the Party Committee of the Volleyball Management Center of the State General Administration of Sport, Song Nina, former Olympic champion of the China National Women’s Volleyball Team, car volleyball experts and car-related leaders attended the event.

  At the event site, Zhao Jingguang, Deputy Secretary of the Automobile Party Committee, handed the banner of cheering for 10,000 people to Zhang Rongfang, Party Secretary of the Volleyball Management Center of the State Sports General Administration. Zhang Rongfang said: "Thanks to the car and the people of the whole country for their support to the China Women’s Volleyball Team, I believe that the China Women’s Volleyball Team will definitely play a hard-working and enterprising spirit in the Olympic Games."

  Ignite Chinese people’s Olympic passion, and volleyball experts cheer for the war.

  As a representative of independent brand commercial vehicles, Automobiles has been giving full support to sports events. This year, Automobiles joined hands with China National Volleyball Team in high profile and became its senior sponsor. The company’s four products —— Pioneer pickup truck, Ouhui bus, Montague MPV and Omar light truck —— have become special vehicles for China national volleyball team training, players, coaches and equipment, respectively, supporting the national women’s volleyball team to go to London Olympic Games.

  In order to ignite the national people’s Olympic passion, popularize and popularize volleyball, the automobile held the exhibition tour of "Automobile Supporting China National Women’s Volleyball Team to Join the Olympic Cheering Team in China" in June and July. It passes through 8 stops in Beijing, Harbin, Shenyang, Jinan, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Fuzhou and Changsha, with a total journey of 6,300 kilometers. Olympic women’s volleyball champions hao yang, Zhang Yuehong, Song Nina, Zhang Na, Xue Ming and Liu Yanan interacted with hundreds of thousands of fans, and collected more than 10,000 people’s good wishes for China women’s volleyball team during the event. In addition to the national tour, Auto also launched the online volleyball talent contest, which received the positive response and participation of 20 million netizens across the country. After layers of screening, six people, including Ji Longlong and Luo Yang, stood out. They will fly to London on July 27th to give a cheering performance outside the Olympic Games and watch the China women’s volleyball match in the Olympic Games.

  Huo Yan, deputy director of automobile brand, said: "Supporting China women’s volleyball team to go to London Olympic Games is the internal demand of automobile to repay society, contribute to public welfare and practice corporate social citizenship responsibility. At the same time, this is also highly integrated with the company’s internationalization strategy, which will help global consumers understand the strength and brand spirit of automobile enterprises and enhance our brand awareness. "

  At the event site, Zhang Rongfang, Party Secretary of the Volleyball Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, and Song Nina, former Olympic champion of the China National Women’s Volleyball Team, also jointly launched the "Car Cheering for the Olympic Women’s Volleyball Team" with car leaders, and launched the first stick of the relay activity. It is reported that this activity is an important part of the series of activities of "World Brand, Galloping London" to cheer China women’s volleyball team for London. Volleyball fans can visit the "World Brand Galloping London" area for details.

  It is also known that in order to further expand the public’s attention to the Olympic volleyball events, the car will also hold the "Car Cheers for the Olympic Carnival" from August 4 to 7, including watching the live broadcast of the women’s volleyball game, the "grassroots" volleyball adult performance and the volleyball championship.

  Participate in sports marketing and realize value jump.

  In the recently released "China 500 Most Valuable Brands" list in 2012 (the 9th), automobiles ranked 34th, 4th and 1st in commerce with a brand value of 42.865 billion yuan. The continuous improvement of automobile brand value is inseparable from the continuous promotion of company strategy and a series of unique events.

  Aiming at the specific consumer groups of each product brand, the automobile launched a series of special activities on the platform of sports events. Aoling Light Truck is the only designated racing car for Le Mans Light Truck Rally in China. GTL of Ou Man, the world standard heavy truck, goes to the Ring Tower Rally. L, Ou Hui of Ou Man serves as the official designated car for the first professional road cycling race around Beijing in 2011. Pickup truck is designated as the only designated car for the 2012 China Pickup Cross-country Challenge. From industry events to international events, and from domestic market to international market, the sub-brands of automobiles are advancing the internationalization strategy step by step.

  From Beijing to London, the international image of automobiles has become clearer. "Creation of World Brand Beijing" has been implemented from slogan to every step of development.

Hengnan, Hunan: On New Year’s Eve, the secretary of the county party committee joined them for a group annual banquet.

Hu Guoxiong, secretary of Hengnan County Party Committee, celebrated the New Year with the "Hengnan builders" who chose to stay in Hengnan for the New Year.
Xu Feng couldn’t help but make a video call to his wife and show his family reunion dinner to his wife and daughter who are far away from home.
Red Net reporter Wang Min correspondent Xiao Liyuan Liu Yanfeng reports from Hengyang
"Look, the secretary has come to accompany us for the New Year!" Every factory in Hengnan industrial concentration area is filled with jubilant atmosphere.
On New Year’s Eve today, Hu Guoxiong, secretary of Hengnan County Party Committee, is most concerned about those "Hengnan builders" who responded to the government’s call and chose to stay in Hengnan for the New Year. This New Year’s Eve, they will not eat alone, because the county party secretary will represent 1.13 million people in Hengnan to celebrate the New Year with them!
"Thank you for your contribution to the economic and social development of Hengnan, and thank you for your understanding and support for the policy of celebrating the New Year on the spot! I sincerely wish everyone good luck, happiness and well-being in the New Year. " At the group annual banquet, Hu Guoxiong’s words aroused warm applause from the workers on the scene.
The most anticipated and important thing in the bustling Spring Festival is the reunion dinner with my family on New Year’s Eve. However, this year, many people gave up the opportunity of reunion in their hometown and chose to celebrate the New Year on the spot in response to the government’s call.
"Wife, look, this is my reunion dinner today. Is the food good?" Xu Feng, a native of Yichang, Hubei Province, has worked in Hengnan Deyi Precision Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. for ten years. At the scene of the group annual banquet, he couldn’t help but make a video call to his wife and show his family annual dinner to his wife and daughter far away from home.
"I mainly hope that my wife and family can rest assured that everything is fine here." Xu Feng told reporters that this was the first time in his life that he was not in his hometown for the New Year. He didn’t expect the secretary of the county party committee to come to celebrate the New Year with everyone. He felt very warm, very homey and very festive.
Yang Wenji, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hengnan Industrial Cluster, told the reporter that 21 enterprises in Hengnan Industrial Cluster had 523 non-Hunan employees, and 262 people stayed in Hengyang for the New Year. Considering the epidemic prevention requirements, the group annual banquet was held in several venues. Employees can take their seats in the canteen only after measuring the temperature by infrared rays.
In addition to inviting employees to dinner at the group annual banquet that day, the county party secretary also distributed a "big gift package" to each employee. The "Gift Package" includes hand sanitizer, masks and other epidemic prevention materials, as well as 200 yuan cash-filled red envelopes, 20g mobile phone traffic, and a Hengyang tourism year card.
It is worth mentioning that the menu of the group annual banquet on that day is also quite particular. "We have prepared a total of 12 dishes, in addition to our local specialty in Hengnan, the earthen bowl, and also specially prepared dishes for the tastes of employees in different places." Yang Wenji introduced that in addition to the requirements for taste, considering food safety, the raw materials of the group annual banquet have passed the inspection of the food and drug supervision department.
"Our purpose is to hope that non-Hunan employees who stay in Hengnan for the New Year can have a good year! Have a peaceful year, a happy year! " Yang Wenji has a bright smile.