The treasure of the automobile industry can be owned by 250,000 yuan, which is the new M7 in the world.

   Nowadays, when many automobile products go on the market, they will focus on a product point, or intelligence or space or safety. However, the performance of excellent models must be comprehensive and balanced, and at the same time, the price must meet the expectations of consumers. This makes it very difficult for automobile manufacturers. How can we kill many birds with one stone and buy the most comprehensive and reliable products with one share of money? This requires consumers to be eye-catching when purchasing models. So why not step on the pit with 250 thousand in your hand It’s better to look directly at the new M7 that has the super 5-meter-long captain and Huawei’s technical depth empowerment and comprehensively upgraded the safety!


  Ask the world how smart the new M7 is. The launch of the smart flagship mobile phone Mate 60 Pro shows that the new M7, which also has Huawei’s technical blessing, will also hang a lot of opponents in its intelligent performance. The M7 has always been known as a space magician, and there is no doubt about the space performance of the new M7. So today, let’s talk about the safety of the new M7.

  Extreme passive safety is not just as simple as eight airbags.

  When it comes to passive safety systems, the number of airbags seems to have become synonymous for a long time. Just when everyone was still wandering between 6 airbags and 7 airbags, the new M7 directly made 8 airbags, including the main and passenger airbags, bilateral air curtains, bilateral airbags and the second row of bilateral airbags.


  In addition, the new M7 has also been upgraded in the body structure, using submarine-grade thermoformed steel, which accounts for as much as 24.4%. In addition, the materials of A-pillar reinforcing plate, Patch plate, A-pillar inner plate and B-pillar reinforcing plate are 2GPa grade thermoformed steel. You know, the hot-formed steel of BMW X5L is only 16%, that is to say, the structural strength of the new M7 has been far superior to that of luxury brands.

  It may be said that we don’t have many concepts about these data, but in the real "head-on", the passive safety protection of the new M7 is particularly important. In the third-party authoritative evaluation of Super Crash project of China Automobile Research Institute, China Automobile Research Institute gave the new M7 "safety" evaluation. Not only that, but also the first car-to-car collision in the industry. A 4-ton truck collided with a 60km/h car at a speed of 40 km/h. At this time, the relative speed of the two cars was 100km/h, which means that a new car collided with a stationary object at a speed of 100 km/h. Even so, the appearance of the A-pillar, the upper beam of A-pillar and the rear car body of the new M7 has no obvious deformation, even the four doors can be opened normally, and the car body structure remains intact as a whole.

  Super active safety is to be competent in multiple scenarios.

  Active safety, which can prevent problems before they happen, has gradually become the standard of new energy smart cars. In terms of active safety, the new M7 with Huawei technology blessing can be described as the "ceiling" in the same level. In the Autolab AEB active safety evaluation, the limit speed of safety response is the first in the whole scene. In the mixed scene of stationary vehicles and pedestrians at the front and rear of the vehicle and the rollover scene, the new M7 in Wenjie achieved the highest braking speed of 90km/h through HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving. In addition, the new M7 has also realized low-speed LAEB (low-speed automatic emergency braking), which supports forward, lateral and backward low-speed driving scenes, covers the collision scene of slipping cars, realizes low-speed emergency braking by using 360 environmental awareness, and ensures the safety of users’ low-speed driving. This function mainly faces the situations of not paying attention to panoramic images, poor lighting, narrow roads, or stone piers and high platforms on the co-pilot’s side.


  In the face of overtaking and merging, the new M7 and ELKA emergency lane keeping system can realize the lateral control and keep the vehicle firmly in the original lane to continue driving. More importantly, ELKA (Emergency Lane Keeping Assist) can keep involved even when HUAWEI ADS is not turned on, thus avoiding the risk of collision. In the face of the "ghost probe" that pedestrians suddenly jump out of sight blind area, Wenjie New M7 also has countermeasures. Through the multi-sensor fusion sensing system in the leading industry, it can realize the detection distance of about 200 meters, and the horizontal maximum detection angle reaches 120. Even in the extreme situation that the high beam is on at night, it can accurately identify the "ghost probe" and stop to avoid accidents.


  There is no absolute value for the safe new height of smart cars. Because we have to consider the product cost and selling price — — Providing the highest level of security within the reach of users can solve the pain points of users’ travel. The listing of the new M7 in Wenjie shows us the possibility, and the super active and passive safety performance can be realized on the new M7 in Wenjie with a price of 249,800! Combined with its unique advantages of large space, high intelligence and new energy, the new M7 must be your first choice for car purchase at this level!

Extreme Krypton 001 FR unveiled and opened the reservation. The first delivery is expected in late October.

On September 1st, Extreme Krypton Intelligent Technology released five core technology evolution achievements at Ningbo International Circuit: Extreme Krypton 001 high-performance version-001fr was officially unveiled; The car is equipped with a four-motor distributed electric drive released in mass production for the first time. The official said that the acceleration of zero hundred is 2.07 seconds; And the torque vector control of the first mass production four wheels is used; Satellite communication technology has also been mass-produced for the first time; In the aspect of energy-supplementing system, extremely charged V3, a charging pile with a single gun peak power of 800kW, has accelerated its evolution.

Screen shot 2023-09-02 7.41.28 am

Source: Extreme official

At the press conference, An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Krypton Intelligent Technology, said: "Extreme Krypton 001 officially launched the push of ZEEKR OS 5.0 version, and the new HMI3.0 was updated and upgraded with interactive experience, landing sentry mode, RSPA remote control direct entry and direct exit parking, door opening warning and many other functions. The extremely high-speed NZP was also officially launched. "

As the pioneer of pure electric hunting coupe, Krypton 001 has a place in the most competitive pure electric market of more than 300,000 by virtue of the value of hunting outfit, the passability of SUV, the space of station wagon and the control of super-running. Based on 001′ s mechanical quality and the product advantage that hunting clothes are all-powerful, extreme krypton 001 evolved to the extreme, and luxury hunting clothes super run 001 FR made its first public appearance.

Extreme Krypton 001 FR turns on the full-stack 800V high-voltage system, which has higher motor output power, stronger charging and discharging ability and higher energy conversion efficiency, matching with 100kWh Kirin battery. According to the official, it only takes 15 minutes to charge from 10% to 80%. At the same time, the four-motor distributed electric drive built by Krypton started mass production, with the performance of 001 FR added, and four high-performance SiC permanent magnet synchronous motors developed by Krypton made its maximum horsepower reach 1265 Ps, and the measured acceleration was 2.36 seconds, excluding the starting time (excluding the starting time: under standard working conditions, excluding the starting time of the first foot). ) Zero-speed acceleration is only 2.07 seconds, and the maximum speed is 280 km/h.

Extreme Krypton 001 FR is a hunting truck that can turn around the tank, and it has a peak torque at the wheel end of over 10,000 Nm. The U-turn of 001 FR tank not only does not pick the road surface, but also can accurately control the direction. Just choose the desired rotation angle, 001 FR can be completed automatically, and the deviation of the center of the circle is less than 20cm when turning around.

On the basis of intelligent drive system, Krypton invented a black technology with pure electrical performance-ZVC Krypton torque vector control. This is the first mass-produced four-wheel torque vector control system, which can monitor the rotating speed of four motors in real time during the whole journey of the vehicle, and accurately distribute and independently control the torque output of each wheel through intelligent algorithms.

Based on ZVC torque vector control, with the 50:50 weight distribution of polar krypton before and after 001 FR, the maximum lateral G value is 1.4 G when 001 FR turns. In addition, in the bottom test of Zhejiang International Circuit, Krypton 001 FR surpassed the fastest mass-produced electric vehicle in the current lap speed list with the fastest lap speed of 1 minute, 37 seconds and 53 seconds, setting a new record for pure electric performance.

More than that, the original factory of Krypton 001 FR has calibrated racing-class high-performance equipment, including Brembo top-class carbon ceramic brake discs, AP track-class ten-piston calipers, KW twisted teeth shock absorbers and other accessories, fully armed high-performance carbon fiber aerodynamic kit and brand-new intelligent driving mode, etc., which will fully stretch the performance of 001 FR. 001 FR is also the world’s first mass production equipped with 8295 intelligent cockpit computing platform. At present, Krypton 001 FR has started booking, with a maximum delivery of 99 units per month. It is expected that the first delivery will be started in late October.

Screen shot 2023-09-02 7.41.44 am

Source: Extreme official

Extreme krypton security re-evolved, and satellite communication technology was put into mass production for the first time in the world. Before the end of the year, 001 FR equipped with vehicle-mounted satellite communication technology will be able to open two-way satellite message and satellite voice call services, and realize sending and receiving messages and satellite calls under the condition of no ground network coverage or damage to the ground network, so as to make travel areas without network signal coverage in the past.

Based on the forward-looking vision of the vast architecture, since the brand was established in 2021, it has adhered to the self-developed, self-built and self-operated ultra-fast charging network. Regardless of scale, performance or core technology, the ultra-fast charging layout of the 800V platform is fully ahead of the industry. As of August 31st, the number of extremely charged stations has reached 348, ranking first in the whole industry, covering 90 cities, with more than 2,000 extremely charged parking spaces.

On the night of the conference, the world’s first extremely charged V3 charging pile was launched, with a single gun with a maximum power of 800kW, a maximum output voltage of 1000V and a maximum output current of 800A, and its core performance set an industry record. By the end of 2023, the V3 will be officially mass-produced, and will be put into use in the first quarter of next year. Extreme Krypton said that the layout of extreme charging is also accelerating. It is estimated that more than 450 extreme charging stations will be completed in 2023. In 2024, it is planned to maintain the speed of "one station a day" and realize the world’s first ultra-fast charging layout under the 800V system.

Starting from September 1st, ZEEKR OS 5.0 officially started pushing. At present, users of Krypton 001 can start OTA upgrade of OS 5.0. These include sentry mode, brand-new HMI3.0, richer cockpit entertainment, more diversified cockpit mode adjustment, and RSPA remote control parking straight in and straight out, door opening warning and other functions. In addition, the OS 5.0 push of Extreme Krypton X is expected to start in September.

In terms of intelligent driving, since the public beta of NZP high-speed autonomous navigation assistance was launched on July 1, the total mileage has exceeded 1.58 million kilometers and the total test time has exceeded 47,000 hours. On September 1st, NZP, an extremely krypton expressway, was officially launched. The first two cities, Shanghai and Hangzhou, were opened, and 17 cities will be opened before the end of the year. The NZP beta of 20 cities will be launched simultaneously before the end of the year.

How to connect Huawei freebuds4i to a mobile phone How to connect Huawei freebuds4i to a mobile phone [Detailed explanation]

  Huawei freebuds4i is an excellent Bluetooth headset, which adopts the advantages of active noise reduction technology, pure sound quality and long battery life, and is deeply loved by many users. However, Huawei freebuds4i needs to be connected before it can be used normally. The following small series brings you several connection methods.

  Huawei freebuds4i Pairing Tutorial Sharing

  Method 1: Manual pairing connection:

  1. Put the earphone into the charging box. When the charging box is open, press and hold the function button of the charging box for 2 seconds, and the indicator light in the box will start flashing white, so that the earphone can be paired.

  2. Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and search for a pairing device. The name of the Bluetooth headset (HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i) will be searched, and click to pair.

  Headphones support button-free pairing when opening the box for the first time: when you use it for the first time, open the charging box cover, wait for about 2 seconds, and it will automatically turn on and enter the pairing state, at which time the white light flashes.

  Method 2: Manual pairing connection:

  1. Put the earphone into the charging box. When the charging box is open, press and hold the function key for 2 seconds, the indicator light will start flashing white, and the earphone will enter the pairing state.

  2. Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, and a self-discovery pop-up box with the name and picture of the headset appears on the mobile phone. Click [Connect] to connect with the headset.

  When it is used again, the earphone is opened, and after the connection is successful, the mobile phone automatically pops up the pop-up box to display the power of the earphone and the box. (Need to cooperate with e Huawei mobile phone/tablet)

  Method 3: Smart Life APP Connection:

  1. Put the earphone into the charging box. When the charging box is open, press and hold the function key for 2 seconds, the indicator light will start flashing white, and the earphone will enter the pairing state.

  2. After the mobile phone turns on WLAN, Bluetooth and location services, click the "+"button in the upper right corner of Smart Life APP, and click [Add Device] to scan the device and add it.

Shiyan issued a "reunion dinner" consumption reminder! Pay attention to these details.

The Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon is approaching, and the New Year of the League is just around the corner. In order to ensure the food safety of the general public and have a healthy, peaceful and safe festival, on January 19th, Shiyan Market Supervision Bureau reminded the catering service units and consumers to keep in mind the food safety.

Reminder to catering service units

Standardize the processing operation.Operate with a valid Food Business License. Buy ingredients from formal channels to ensure that the ingredients are fresh and traceable. Separate raw and cooked processed foods, and cook them thoroughly to prevent cross-contamination. Do a good job in disinfection and cleaning of tableware and disposal of kitchen waste. It is strictly forbidden to process, sell and sell foods that do not meet the food safety requirements, such as corruption, deterioration and expiration, and shall not be overloaded.

Strict management personnel.Employees should obtain health certificates before taking up their posts, strictly follow the daily morning check-up system, carry out pre-job health check-up and body temperature monitoring, and employees with fever, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, pharyngeal inflammation and skin wounds or infections should leave their posts immediately. Employees should pay attention to personal hygiene, wear clean work clothes and masks, enter the food operation area after strict cleaning and disinfection of their hands, and their hair should not be exposed during operation, and they should not leave long nails, paint nail polish or wear accessories.

Strict procurement inspection.Clear the person responsible for purchasing and acceptance, and truthfully record the product name, specification, quantity, production batch number, shelf life, supplier name and contact information, purchase date and other information. When purchasing fresh meat and meat products, you should carefully check whether the supplier’s license is complete, whether there is a meat inspection and quarantine certificate, and whether the outer packaging and labeling of prepackaged meat products meet the requirements.

Manage in good faith according to law.It is strictly forbidden to operate ingredients with unknown sources; It is forbidden to purchase, store and use nitrite; It is strictly forbidden to purchase and use the meat of livestock and animals and their products that have died of illness, poisoning or unknown cause of death; It is forbidden to purchase, store and use wild animals and their products; It is strictly forbidden to process and sell illegal fishing catches and aquatic products of unknown origin; It is strictly forbidden to raise and slaughter livestock and animals on the spot in catering service places; It is forbidden to purchase, process and supply toxic, harmful and spoiled food; Illegal addition of non-edible substances and abuse of food additives are strictly prohibited.

Strict distribution management.Collective dining distribution units, central kitchens and online ordering, etc., advocate "non-contact" distribution and promote the use of "food safety seal". Clean and disinfect the distribution sites, delivery boxes, delivery vehicles, food containers and their packaging, and tightly package and seal the catering food to ensure that the food distribution process is not polluted.

Strictly mark the price clearly.Clearly mark the service items, service contents, prices or valuation methods in a conspicuous way. Do not sell goods or provide services at a higher price than the marked price, and do not charge any unspecified fees; When carrying out promotional activities, the information of the activities shall be fully, truly, accurately, clearly and conspicuously marked, and false or misleading pricing methods shall not be used to mislead relevant operators and consumers and infringe on consumers’ rights and interests.

Reminder to consumers

Prefer qualified merchants to eat.When dining out or ordering food, you should choose a catering unit with legal and valid Food Business License, quantitative evaluation grades of A and B, and good sanitary conditions. Do not order take-away food of unknown origin. When ordering a large number of meals as a group meal, you should order from a unit with the qualification of group meal distribution.

Homemade dishes to prevent safety risks.Homemade dishes for family dinners and gatherings should ensure that perishable food raw materials and cooked food products can be stored under refrigerated conditions; The prepared meals should be eaten within 2 hours after completion, and should not be stored at room temperature for a long time; Don’t abuse food additives when making food.

Pay attention to safety and nutrition when choosing ingredients.Do not eat foods of unknown origin and foods that have deteriorated, have incomplete packaging labels or have exceeded the shelf life; Do not eat illegal food, eat little or no raw aquatic products, and be careful to eat high-risk foods such as cold meat and cold dishes, green beans and wild mushrooms; Try not to choose foods that are not often eaten or allergic, especially for people who are pregnant and weak; Eat more light and healthy foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits rich in cellulose and vitamins, do not overeat, mix meat and vegetables, and have a balanced diet.

Advocate frugal and civilized consumption fashion.During the Spring Festival dinner, we should establish a correct concept of consumption, order food according to needs, consume in a civilized and rational way, advocate the use of public chopsticks and spoons or separate meals, and eat in a civilized way, so as not to waste, compare with others and show off, and resolutely put an end to "waste on the tip of the tongue".

Rationally safeguard one’s own rights and interests according to law.Dining consumption should take the initiative to ask for bills and vouchers and keep them properly. If you feel unwell after eating food, you should immediately stop eating suspicious food, seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and keep suspicious food samples, consumption vouchers, medical records and other relevant evidence. In the event of a consumer dispute, you can negotiate with the merchant in time; If negotiation fails, consumers can log on to the national 12315 platform (website:, 12315 mobile APP, 12315 WeChat applet, 315 reconciliation platform applet or call 12315 and 12345 to make a complaint or report.


In 2020, lottery sales will drop by 20%, falling below 150 billion! Expert: Accelerate legislation to reshape the image of Fucai.

Public welfare is the lifeline of lottery.
Welfare lottery is an important source of funds for the development of social welfare in China: every time 1 yuan Welfare Lottery is sold, 0.2971 yuan will be used as the lottery public welfare fund to invest in social welfare and public welfare undertakings.
Under the strong supervision policy of the state, the lottery industry has arrived in winter and spring is still far away.
After the audit storm in 2015, the ban on Internet lottery in 2018, and the strict restrictions on fast-opening games in 2019, and the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the lottery sales in China dropped by over 20% in 2020.
On February 5th, the data of "China Welfare Lottery Development Report (2019)" released by the Welfare Lottery Research Group of China Academy of Social Sciences showed that from its issuance in 1987 to December 31st, 2019, a total of 2,210.964 billion yuan of welfare lottery tickets were sold nationwide, and 656.865 billion yuan of lottery public welfare funds were raised, with a raising rate of 29.71%.
Welfare lottery is an important source of funds for the development of social welfare undertakings in China: every time 1 yuan Welfare Lottery is sold, 0.2971 yuan will be used as the lottery public welfare fund to invest in social welfare and public welfare undertakings, directly and indirectly benefiting hundreds of millions of people, creating tens of billions of tax revenue and creating more than 400,000 jobs.
How should the lottery industry get out of the strange circle of "chaos as soon as it is released, and death as soon as it is managed"?
Fall below 150 billion
On January 22nd, official website, the Ministry of Finance, disclosed the "report card" of the national lottery market sales last year.
From January to December, 2020, the national lottery sales totaled 333.951 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 88.103 billion yuan or 20.9%. Among them, the sales of welfare lottery institutions was 144.488 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 46.750 billion yuan or 24.4%; The sales of sports lottery institutions reached 189.463 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 41.352 billion yuan or 17.9%. Compared with 511.472 billion yuan in 2018, the "achievements" in 2020 can be described as bleak.
He Hui, an associate professor at the Business School of China Academy of Social Sciences and editor-in-chief of the Blue Book of Welfare Lottery, said in an interview with China Philanthropist that the overall decline in lottery sales last year was due to the epidemic situation, which led to the stagnation of lottery sales for a long time, and the government’s further supervision of the lottery market in 2020, which gradually stopped the sales of video lottery tickets, and stricter sales restrictions were imposed on high-frequency quick-opening lottery tickets and quiz lottery tickets from 2019.
"The reason for the decline of welfare lottery tickets is mainly that video lottery tickets and high-frequency fast-opening games were originally important products of welfare lottery tickets, accounting for a relatively large proportion of total sales."He Hui said.
In fact, since 2019, Fucai sales have begun to drop sharply. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Finance, in 2019, from January to December, a total of 422.053 billion yuan of lottery tickets were sold nationwide, a year-on-year decrease of 89.418 billion yuan or 17.5%. Among them, the sales of welfare lottery institutions was 191.238 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 33.318 billion yuan or 14.8%.
Obviously, the epidemic has made lottery sales worse, but the main reason is that the government has strengthened supervision over the lottery industry.
Lottery is both entertaining and public welfare. Faced with the tempting "cake", many companies are scrambling to join the food fight.
At the peak of 2014, there were about 300 domestic Internet lottery companies, and more than 100 million users bought lottery tickets through Internet channels. This has also created a "no threshold" and "low cost" Internet lottery market, which is a mixed situation.
From January to December, 2020, the national lottery sales totaled 333.951 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 88.103 billion yuan or 20.9%.
In 2015, after the national special audit of lottery funds, relevant departments strengthened the supervision and management of the lottery market, and also strengthened the investigation and punishment of unauthorized use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets. Since then, the growth rate of lottery sales in China has declined. However,After a period of time, illegal phenomena such as unauthorized use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets have slowly risen, irrational lottery purchases have gradually increased, and some chaos in the lottery market has reappeared.
In August 2018, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the General Administration of Sports classified "welfare lottery tickets and sports lottery tickets sold by the Internet without authorization" as illegal lottery tickets when revising the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Regulations on Lottery Management. This is the first time in China’s lottery-related laws and regulations that unauthorized use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets has been clearly defined as illegal lottery tickets.
Defining illegal Internet lottery sales as illegal lottery tickets has also greatly shocked all illegal Internet lottery platforms and business owners. In September 2018, a number of illegal Internet lottery platforms took the initiative to suspend related services. The revised Rules for the Implementation of the Lottery Management Regulations came into effect on October 1, 2018. Since then, the phenomenon of illegal internet lottery sales has disappeared in a large area.
He Hui told China Philanthropist that there are many reasons for the relevant departments to strengthen the supervision of the welfare lottery market, such as anti-addiction, anti-money laundering and many other reasons, which are conducive to reshaping the public welfare image of welfare lottery. However, it has also exposed some problems such as unsmooth lottery management system and mechanism, imperfect market operation, unclear development orientation of welfare lottery and lack of stable market expectation for a long time.
Facing the multi-dimensional market dilemma and deep-seated development problems, how to deal with the relationship between market development and social responsibility of welfare lottery?
He Hui suggested,First of all, we should accelerate the legislation of lottery law and deepen the reform of lottery operation mechanism.
The Regulations on Lottery Management promulgated and implemented in 2009 is only an administrative regulation. At present, the National People’s Congress has begun the legislative process of the Lottery Law. Promulgating a relatively complete lottery law as soon as possible is an important prerequisite for the healthy development of the lottery industry.
Secondly, it is necessary to rationally divide the lottery market, explore the separation of management and operation, promote the professional and market-oriented operation of lottery institutions, and establish an effective incentive and restraint mechanism. Further standardize the management of lottery funds and adjust the distribution ratio of central and local public welfare funds. Explore the establishment of a fault-tolerant mechanism in the process of reform, innovation and development, and further clarify the regulatory responsibilities of local financial departments.
Public welfare is more beneficial.
The original intention of lottery was to raise public welfare funds to solve social problems, and the public welfare attribute is the lifeline of lottery survival and development.
Lottery public welfare fund is one of the forms of non-tax revenue of the government. According to the national regulations, it is the net income after deducting the reward bonus and issuance funds from the sales income obtained by issuing lottery tickets. Take the two-color ball as an example, 51% of its sales are used as lottery bonuses, 13% as distribution fees and 36% as lottery public welfare funds. Every time a lottery player buys a lottery two-color ball or a lottery ticket with a bet of 2 yuan, he will be given 70 cents as a tribute to the national public welfare undertakings.
On May 8, 2019, Xinzhou Primary School, Longlin Autonomous County, Baise, Guangxi, launched the "Angel Tour Screening and Rescue Action for Children with Poor Congenital Heart Disease". The China Red Cross Foundation has set up a special fund to help children with congenital heart disease from poor families, which has been supported by the National Lottery Public Welfare Fund.
The data shows that in the past 30 years, China has raised more than one trillion yuan of lottery public welfare funds from lottery sales revenue, which was mainly used for civil welfare and sports in the early days.In recent years, the total investment of the national social security fund has accounted for 1/3 of the financial resources, and the rest is mainly used for social welfare undertakings, including pension, medical care, the Red Cross, the disabled, poverty alleviation, legal aid, disaster relief and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, which has become an important financial support for the development of social welfare undertakings.
According to the allocation policy of lottery public welfare fund approved by the State Council, the lottery public welfare fund is allocated between the central and local governments at a ratio of 50:50. The central centralized lottery public welfare fund is distributed among the national social security fund, the central special lottery public welfare fund, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the General Administration of Sports in the proportion of 60%, 30%, 5% and 5% respectively.
According to the above distribution policy, in 2019, the lottery public welfare fund was allocated to the National Social Security Fund Council of 46.428 billion yuan to supplement the National Social Security Fund; 17.592 billion yuan was allocated to the central special lottery public welfare fund for social welfare projects approved by the State Council; 3.869 billion yuan was allocated to the Ministry of Civil Affairs to fund projects such as the construction of social welfare facilities for the elderly, the disabled, orphans and people with special difficulties; 3.869 billion yuan was allocated to the State Sports General Administration to support mass sports and competitive sports development projects.
The use of public welfare fund is a process of policy perfection, from paying attention to investment, service and benefit. It is necessary to further optimize the rules of lottery public welfare fund distribution based on existing practice.
He Hui suggested that, first, when selecting projects and allocating public welfare funds, we should solicit and bid for projects in a larger scope as far as possible to understand where the social needs are, and consider improving the professionalism and efficiency of implementation through market competition. Second, when the public welfare fund is allocated to specific projects and then implemented, it is necessary to scientifically evaluate the performance. This kind of evaluation should take into account not only the quantitative indicators of evaluation, but also the indicators that are difficult to quantify but very important.
"At present, the social impact of welfare lottery is weak, which is largely related to the low social effect of the use of public welfare funds in a broad sense."He Hui said that we need to pay special attention to the social effects of the use of public welfare funds. While ensuring the public welfare fund investment in traditional welfare projects, we should also strengthen and increase the investment in public welfare projects with wider social effects.
Source: China Philanthropist Magazine.
Image source:China News Photo Network