I am reading: Why has Xiao Ai been unable to link and cannot connect to the method tutorial [Detailed explanation] Why has Xiao Ai been unable to link and cannot connect to the method tutorial [Detail

1. Click [Settings], select [WLAN] – [Advanced Settings], and select Never Sleep;

2. Click [Settings] – [WLAN] to find the wifi you want to connect to;

3. Click the arrow on the right, don’t save the network, and re-enter the password.

If not, you can also try restarting the router.

Xiao Ai is currently incompatible with some routers. For example, a router has set up a 2.4g and 5g network merger. You only need to turn off 5ghz and connect it after a while. If the above cannot be solved, you can try to replace the router connection or reset the router.

The above is why Xiao Ai has been unable to connect and how to solve it. Xiao Ai has been unable to connect and the relevant content of the method tutorial.

Lei Jun: Xiaomi SU7 positioning C-class high-performance car pricing is "really a bit expensive"

Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference will be held at 2 pm on December 28th. Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, answered some questions that netizens are most concerned about today.

Wandering stars

Xiaomi’s first car was named SU7, and Lei Jun said that SU is the abbreviation of Speed Ultra. As for how to pronounce it, Xiaomi has also discussed it seriously. In the end, everyone thinks that it is still called "Su Qi", just like calling a friend’s name. In addition, Xiaomi SU7 is positioned as a "C-class high-performance eco-technology car". As for why he made a car, Lei Jun will introduce it in detail at the press conference. The press conference will start at 2 pm, which is estimated to be about 3 hours.

Wandering stars

Lei Jun also said that Xiaomi SU7 has no accurate benchmarking vehicle, and it is in the trial production and climbing stage, and it will take several months for it to be officially listed. In terms of pricing, Xiaomi SU7 is "indeed a little expensive", but "reasonably expensive".

From mobile phones to rims, Xiaomi and Huawei love each other.

Text/Lu Shiming

Executives "talk to each other" at the car launch conference, or it will become a normal state of the industry.

Not long ago, Huawei held the HarmonyOS Ecological Spring Communication Meeting and released a number of new products. At the press conference, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, BG CEO, chairman of BU, Huawei’s smart car solution, and Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery Automobile, released the first smart car, Zhijie S7, for the second time.

It is understood that the newly released Zhijie S7 has launched five models, among which S7 Ultra has been added as a high-end model. The official guide price is 249,800 to 349,800 yuan, and the price range is consistent with the old model.

Standing on the level of public opinion, the public doesn’t seem to be interested in the product itself, but what really makes people relish is Yu Chengdong’s series of remarks on "targeting" Xiaomi.

From the mobile phone stand to intelligent driving, Yu Chengdong’s "insinuation" of Xiaomi is familiar, just like the "routine" of the two companies at the mobile phone conference for many years.

However, the trend of executives of the two companies "talking to each other" from a distance has blown to a new battlefield this time, and the "grudges and enmities" between the two companies over the years will also stage a new story in the automobile market.

Yu Chengdong has never been soft on "friends". In this release, Yu Chengdong made many statements all the time, which can be said to be "tit for tat" with Xiaomi.

At the previous Xiaomi SU7 conference, Lei Jun once said: "I found that all the car manufacturers did not consider how to install the mobile phone bracket, and none of them worked well. We must make the best mobile phone bracket!"

At the S7 conference of Zhijie, Yu Chengdong said in a meaningful way: "I really don’t understand why many cars use mobile phone stands. Later, I understood that their car navigation performance is not good! We will let the mobile phone application get on the bus in full, and the powerful heart does not need a mobile phone bracket! "

In addition, Yu Chengdong also intentionally emphasized that the utilization rate of car navigation in HarmonyOS is as high as 99%, while the utilization rate of other car navigation is only 31%, and the gap is "very large".

Regarding Yu Chengdong’s remarks, Lei Jun issued a document in Weibo, saying: "At their press conference, General Manager Huawei ridiculed the design of our original mobile phone bracket for Xiaomi SU7." At the same time, Lei Jun also asked questions and initiated a vote: Do you support the original mobile phone bracket in the car? Why do you think we made the original mobile phone stand?

Up to now, 271,000 people have voted for this activity, of which 231,000 support the original mobile phone stand of Xiaomi SU7 and 40,000 do not. Zinc Finance noticed that the highest praise message in the comment area of the event was: "I can do without it, but you can’t do without it."

In addition to the episode of mobile phone stand, Yu Chengdong also made a targeted "insinuation" on intelligent driving.

It is reported that Lei Jun once said: "The whole industry is in the city of NOA. We started user testing in April, officially opened ten cities in May, and opened nationwide in August!" At the press conference, Yu Chengdong said: "Huawei Smart Drive is a spot, not a futures, and it is the best spot!" In this regard, Lei Jun did not send a response.

At the press conference, we conducted parameter benchmarking and technical comparison, or emphasized the strength of functions, and then the senior management published a document on Weibo to "communicate with each other" from a distance. This marketing technique and rhythm has become commonplace in the mobile phone circle, especially Huawei and Xiaomi, who have used this routine perfectly.

However, this has become a "new thing" in the automobile circle. After all, no car company has conducted such a "blatant" benchmarking before, and there has been no precedent for executives to speak out about competitors’ weaknesses at the press conference.

Obviously, with the competitiveness of Huawei and Xiaomi in the automobile market becoming more and more prominent, the two companies that have been "loving each other and killing each other" for many years have reached the time of "short-term intersection", but this time the battlefield has changed from mobile phones to cars.

In fact, the relationship between Huawei and Xiaomi in the early days was not "tense" at all, and even very "harmonious".

In 2012, Yu Chengdong sent Weibo that he needed to learn Internet marketing from Lei Jun, and Lei Jun also responded that Huawei has always been an example for Xiaomi to learn. At that time, the relationship between the two families was very harmonious.

In 2013, Xiaomi gradually gained momentum and launched Redmi, and Huawei also announced its glory independence.

In terms of brand positioning, Redmi, like Glory, focuses on products with a thousand yuan level. Including the product level, Glory 3C, the first mobile phone after glory independence, is very similar in appearance and configuration to Redmi. Later, sales proved that the two companies’ choices were undoubtedly correct. In 2014, the shipments of Glory and Redmi rose sharply, which brought more revenue to the parent company.

Even if they all made achievements, they all became the best in the market. At that time, the atmosphere between Xiaomi and Huawei was still very relaxed.

When the time came to 2015, Huawei began to make full efforts in the mid-to-high-end market, and achieved outstanding results, and the Mate series emerged. However, in the same year, Xiaomi, due to the insufficient supply of Xiaolong processors, led to a crisis in brand reputation and sales began to decline.

On the other side of Xiaomi’s constant problems, Glory seized this opportunity, eating away a lot of market share originally belonging to Xiaomi and Redmi, and helped Huawei win the first sales volume that year.

There is no doubt that 2015 is a watershed in the relationship between the two companies, laying the groundwork for the future "mutual tearing" between the two companies.

Only a few years later, Huawei Xiaomi began real competition, and the executives of the two companies frequently exchanged ideas at their respective product launches.

For example, in May 2018, HONOR officially announced that it will release Glory play on June 6, which will launch Huawei’s "very scary technology." Xiaomi immediately said that "Xiaomi 8 has many very scary technologies". In this regard, Huawei directly responded that it has a lot of technology. "Do you want to learn? It’s very difficult, so you should study hard. "

By the end of 2019, Xiaomi and Glory started a war of words for a week, starting with Xiaomi’s public relations Pan Da’s announcement that Weibo publicly questioned the existence of false propaganda on the glory smart screen.

In the next few years, such incidents were frequently staged. Even in the last year or two, the "DISS Friends" session at the two press conferences was never absent.

However, from a historical perspective, the reason for the "frequent tearing" between the two companies is also inseparable from the changes in the market environment.

In the years when the two companies were "in love", Samsung and Apple occupied most of the market share. At that time, domestic mobile phones needed to unite and reduce internal friction because of insufficient technical strength. But by 18 years or so, Samsung Apple has begun to decline, while the domestic mobile phone under the rapid development is rising step by step.

Without the threat of foreign enemies, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have also started a new round of competition, and the story of Huawei and Xiaomi "killing each other" has begun.

In fact, in the fact that the entire mobile phone market is gradually sluggish, the "gunpowder smell" of the two companies in the past two years is far less strong than before. But who would have thought that as both companies entered the new energy vehicle market, those familiar "old plots" turned back.

In 2021, after Huawei officially started its automobile business, it always claimed that it would not build cars, but only help car companies build good cars.

So far, Huawei has really not violated this creed, but with the increasing "Chinese content" of the entire automobile circle, consumers have been unable to tell who is the "protagonist".

Up to now, Huawei has reached cooperation with many domestic car companies, such as "Wen Jie" with Selis, Aouita with Chang ‘an, Zhijie with Chery, Polar Fox with BAIC and so on.

Although there are many cooperations, Huawei’s cooperative brands are only "out of bounds", and others are not excellent. As the first smart car that it cooperates with Chery, Huawei’s expectation for the intelligent S7 is obviously higher than other brands. Not only is it equipped with Huawei’s best autonomous driving technology, but it has also gained an unprecedented "momentum" from Huawei.

Unfortunately, judging from the current results, the performance of the intellectual community is very unsatisfactory.

Zhijie S7 has been on the market for nearly five months, and its sales in these five months have failed to exceed 1,000 vehicles. Specifically, there were 115 and 784 vehicles in November and December last year, and 604 and 794 vehicles in January and February this year, respectively.

In the same price segment, on the other hand, Xiaomi SU7 stole the limelight after listing, and the heat continued to rise, and the sales volume was even more popular.

According to public data, Xiaomi Automobile delivered a total of 1,093 vehicles in the 14th week of 2024, ranking 9th among new energy automobile brands. In addition, in the brand sales ranking of the pure electric vehicle market of more than 200,000, Xiaomi Auto also successfully entered the list, ranking fifth with sales of 1.1 thousand vehicles, surpassing Zhijie and Xpeng Motors.

It is worth noting that the delivery of Xiaomi Auto started on April 3rd, and the 4th to 6th falls on Tomb-Sweeping Day holiday, so this data can not fully reflect the actual delivery potential of Xiaomi SU7.

The sales volume of Zhijie S7 can’t exceed 1,000 in five months, and the sales volume of Xiaomi SU7 will exceed 1,000 in the listing week.

Under such a "gap", Huawei can’t turn a blind eye. It must readjust its propaganda caliber and regard Xiaomi as its core competitor. This is also the reason why Huawei wants to "second" release the intelligent S7.

Huawei should re-emphasize the technical gap between Zhijie S7 and Xiaomi SU7, so as to gain more consumers’ recognition and increase sales.

After 2018, the "mutual tearing" between the two companies can be seen as a microcosm of the marketing war of mobile phone brands. Now, this process will be repeated in the automobile market.

So, who will be the ultimate "winner"? This question is not important. It is important to hope that Huawei and Xiaomi can benefit consumers with better technology under this kind of competition, so that the whole new energy automobile industry can reach a higher level.

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Within 400,000 yuan before the subsidy, the ideal intellectual ONE was officially unveiled.

  [car home New Car Launch] On the evening of October 18th, Beijing time, (|) was officially unveiled.The official announced that the price before the subsidy was less than 400,000 yuan.The NEDC car is positioned as a medium-sized and large-scale extended-range SUV, and its whole vehicle will be built with a four-wheel drive electric platform, and through the efficient cooperation of a large-capacity battery pack and a high-power extended-range power generation system, it will provide a comprehensive cruising range of more than 700 kilometers, and the cruising range in urban conditions will exceed 1,000 kilometers. In addition, its first batch of production cars were delivered in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Home of the car

Home of the car

◆ The most noteworthy points about the ideal intelligent ONE:

1. The price before subsidy is less than 400,000 yuan, and the reservation will be opened during the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2019 and officially delivered in the fourth quarter of 2019;
2, very rich configuration, the four-screen system in the car brings a powerful intelligent experience;
3. 6-seat /7-seat layout, with independent seats in the second row;
4. Only one model is available;
5. Development based on pure tram platform.Which is equipped with a large-capacity battery pack and combined with a high-power extended-range power generation system for power supply;
6、The cruising range of comprehensive working conditions reaches 700km, and the cruising range of urban working conditions reaches 1000km;;

● New car features: innovative design.

Home of the car

  In terms of appearance, the front face of the new car adopts a large-size front grille and the interior adopts a mesh structure, which makes the overall visual effect similar to that of chain mail worn by medieval knights, and it is expected to reflect a variety of light and shadow effects in the sun. At the same time, the left and right sides of the car adopt long headlight groups, with large air intakes on both sides and penetrating trapezoidal air intakes below, which increases the overall sports atmosphere of the car.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  From the side of the car body, the new car adopts a relatively straight roof line, so it has a stretching visual effect to a certain extent, leaving a slender feeling. At the same time, the flat roof design can also provide sufficient head space to a certain extent, making the passengers in the car more comfortable. In addition, the front and rear wheel eyebrows of the new car are slightly protruding, which faintly reveals a bit of muscle texture, making the car look very dynamic. In terms of the tail, the new car uses a penetrating taillight group with a rounded rectangular license plate frame, which makes the whole look more layered.

Home of the car

  As for the interior, judging from the official interior map released before, the center console has a straight line with two colors: upper black and lower brown, and three large-size screens are placed side by side on it, which are full LCD instruments and two multimedia display screens from left to right, which are full of futuristic and technological sense. At the same time, the new car uses a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, and a fourth screen is designed in front of the handlebar. Among them, the instrument screen, central control screen, passenger entertainment screen and vehicle control screen are 12.3 inches, 16.2 inches, 12.3 inches and 10.1 inches respectively, and they can work safely and stably at the temperature of -30℃~85℃.

Home of the car

  Intelligentization is a point that Ideal Intelligence pays great attention to when building this car. The four-screen interactive system mentioned above brings a strong sense of science and technology to the senses. The new car will also be equipped with intelligent voice control system, OTA upgrade of the whole vehicle, 4G network and applications and services that can be expanded indefinitely.

  After this information and control system, Ideal Smart ONE is equipped with dual-chip and dual-system architecture, and adopts Qualcomm Xiaolong 820A car-level chip with Android Automotive system to provide rich functions and applications. J6 chip of Texas Instruments is matched with Linux system to ensure stability and security.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

"Click to view a larger image"

  The length, width and height of the new car body are 5020/1960/1760mm and the wheelbase is 2935mm respectively. It is available in 6-seat and 7-seat versions with 2+2+2 and 2+3+2 seat layouts respectively. The second row of the 6-seat version uses two independent seats, equipped with double handrails and comfortable headrest, and supports large angle adjustment. The first row of seats in the new car comes standard with seat ventilation, while the first two rows come standard with seat heating. In addition, the new car will come standard with steering wheel heating. As can be seen from the above picture, the standard configuration of production models will be very rich.

Home of the car

  It is understood that this SUV is positioned as a "smart electric vehicle without mileage anxiety" and is developed based on a pure tram platform. Different from ordinary pure electric vehicles, it is equipped with a large-capacity battery pack (battery capacity 40.6 kWh, available power 37.2 kWh) and combined with a high-power extended-range power generation system (a 1.2T three-cylinder engine), which can fundamentally eliminate the mileage anxiety of users when using pure electric vehicles. In addition, compared with our common plug-in hybrid vehicles, the driving experience retains the smoothness and quietness of pure electric vehicles because the range extender does not output power.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In addition, the upgrade of the electronic system and electronic control system of the whole vehicle through OTA makes the self-iteration of the future vehicles possible, which is also the unique advantage of such "smart electric vehicles" compared with traditional fuel vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It is reported that the maximum cruising range of the brand-new SUV model of Che He Jia will exceed 1000 kilometers, and the cruising range of NEDC will exceed 700 kilometers. It is worth mentioning that the new car has a pure battery life of 180 kilometers.

Home of the car

  This car has three forms of energy supply: fast charging, slow charging and refueling power generation (it takes 30 minutes for 40kW DC to charge 0-80% quickly, and 6 hours for household 7kW to charge 0-100% slowly). The thermal management system can make full use of the residual heat of the range extender. In the environment of -10℃, the cruising range attenuation of the ideal intelligent ONE can be controlled at 5%, which is better than the 30% attenuation of some electric vehicles. In the environment of -20℃, the cruising range of the ideal intelligent ONE is only 7%, which makes it still have good cruising ability in winter.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The power used by this car has always been a front and rear dual-drive four-wheel drive system. The comprehensive power of the motor is 326 HP and the peak torque is 530 Nm. This power system allows the new car to have an acceleration time of 0-100km/h of 6.5 seconds.

Home of the car

  Regarding the advanced assisted driving system, Li Xiang said in the dialogue that the integrated control algorithm developed by Chehe Jia for China road conditions has completed more than 400,000 kilometers of road tests, and all departments will be equipped with the LEVEL 2 advanced assisted driving system as standard, which will be done by Yihang, a startup company invested and incubated by Chehe Jia. It is reported that this system is targeted at Tesla’s Autopilot, and its suppliers include Mobileye and Bosch. In the future, the autonomous driving of L4 will be developed by the car and home owned team. At the same time, Chehejia and Didi formed a joint venture company to accumulate the operational ability of travel services.

● About cars and homes and ideals and wisdom.

Home of the car

Home of the car

"The one standing in the middle with pictures is Li Xiang"

  Chehejia was founded in July 2015. It is a new energy automobile company founded by Li Xiang, the founder of car home. The company hopes to create a brand-new business model of electric vehicles through independent research and development, independent production and independent sales and services.

Home of the car

"Ideal Intellectual Brand"

  As a brand of Chehejia-Ideality Zhizao, its English brand name is "Leading Idea", and the brand logo "Li" is inspired by the initials of the English name Leading Idea.

● Competitors/for the crowd:

Home of the car

  Because this model is special, there are no other brands on the market to launch similar models to compete with it. As for the car Ideal Smart ONE, although the car is positioned as a medium-sized and large-scale extended-range SUV, and its body length once exceeded 5 meters, because this level of market is generally occupied by joint venture brands, it will definitely be differentiated in terms of price. Market strategy, so as to open the gap with it and get more consumers’ attention and favor.

  In addition, in the classification of new energy vehicle technology in China, the positioning of the extended program is a bit special. From the classification of subsidies, the extended range and plug-in hybrid belong to the same standard, and the subsidy amount is lower than that of pure electric vehicles. In addition, different restricted cities have different policies on it. Judging from the current policy, Beijing, for example, can’t enjoy the new energy license plate policy for extended-range vehicles, and you need to use the oil vehicle index to buy it. In Shanghai, it can get the same green "Shanghai AF" new energy license plate as the plug-in hybrid model. In the "Regulations on Investment Management of Automobile Industry (Draft for Comment)" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, it is clearly classified as an investment project of pure electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid vehicles belong to the investment scope of fuel vehicles.

● Edit Comment:

Home of the car

  Ideal Smart ONE This car can be described as a collection of high value, high endurance, medium and large 7-seat SUV, rich technology configuration, etc. It can be said that its appearance has solved some consumers who want both value and high mileage data, so the only thing we have to wait for is the final pricing of the car. If the price is close to the people, I believe it will have excellent market performance.

  In addition, the ideal intelligent ONE model is developed based on a pure tram platform. Different from ordinary pure electric vehicles, it is equipped with a large-capacity battery pack and combined with a high-power extended-range power generation system, which can fundamentally eliminate the mileage anxiety of users when using pure electric vehicles. In addition, the engine mounted inside it only serves as a range extender to generate electricity, and then the vehicle is driven by electricity. Achieve low fuel consumption and provide pure tram driving quality without changing the traditional car habits.

Home of the car

  As an extended-range power system, I believe many netizens will be unfamiliar with this name at first sight, but they will be familiar with the representative models of this system, such as BMW i3 extended-range model, buick VELITE 5, Nissan Note e-POWER and so on. Therefore, if the car is priced close to the people in the future, I believe that the extended electric vehicle route may also set off a new wave of new energy car buying in China. (Text/car home Zhouyi)

Home of the car

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The illegal handling of renting a car and buying a car on the license … These six new measures for public security traffic control will be implemented on September 20.

  CCTV News:Nowadays, people go out to play, and more and more people choose to rent cars for self-help tours, and new situations have emerged. After the traffic violation occurred in the process of renting a car, it is more troublesome to deal with it because the rented driver has left the incident. The Ministry of Public Security will launch six new traffic control measures from tomorrow (September 20th), which will effectively solve this problem.

  According to statistics, there are more than 20,000 car rental enterprises in China at present, and it is often difficult to deal with traffic violations according to the current procedures because most of the leased drivers are not in the illegal places or the places where motor vehicles are registered.

  Chen Dong, Deputy Director of Legal Affairs Department of Traffic Management Bureau of Ministry of Public Security:According to the original handling method, it is necessary to rent a driver to the illegal handling window of the traffic management department where the traffic violation occurred or where the motor vehicle was registered, and in the process of handling, it is necessary to show the driving license of the rented car.

  In order to facilitate leased drivers and leasing companies to deal with traffic violations of leased cars in time and reduce unnecessary travel and time costs, the Ministry of Public Security has specially formulated the Measures for Punishment of Road Traffic Safety Violations during Motor Vehicle Leasing. The traffic of the rented car recorded by traffic technology monitoring is illegal, and the lessee is allowed to handle it by the "12123" mobile APP; Leased drivers are no longer required to provide the rental car driving license when dealing with the illegal behavior or the window of the traffic control department where the motor vehicle is registered. Instead, the public security traffic control information system will automatically check the lease relationship. This measure will benefit more than 3 million leased drivers every year.

  Chen Dong, Deputy Director of Legal Affairs Department of Traffic Management Bureau of Ministry of Public Security:According to the lease contract information provided by the leasing company, there will be the driver’s license number of the leased driver, and we will automatically match the lease relationship between the leased driver and the leased car according to the driver’s license number, and automatically record this lease relationship to the platform of the "12123" mobile APP, as well as to the traffic violation handling window. In this case, we can check this lease relationship through the system, and we don’t need to rent the driver to add other jobs in the mobile APP or in the traffic processing window.

  In view of the traffic violations that the leased driver fails to deal with in time, the public security traffic control department can transfer the illegal records to the leased driver’s name upon the application of the leasing enterprise, and inform the leased driver in time through the contact information confirmed in the lease contract.

  It is understood that this new measure will be piloted in Jiangsu and Sichuan from tomorrow and will be promoted nationwide before the end of the year.

  Buy a car and get a license. Inspection and audit preposition

  Starting from tomorrow (September 20th), the fast agency of vehicle registration and sales enterprises and a number of measures to facilitate the handling of temporary entry vehicles and personnel licenses will also be implemented.

  Carry out fast agency registration of motor vehicle sales enterprises

  For car owners, after buying a car, they should bring relevant materials to the vehicle management department to get the number, queue up, go through the formalities and get the license plate. After the whole process goes down, most of the time will be gone. The Ministry of Public Security will implement the fast registration of motor vehicle sales enterprises, and complete this series of "running errands" before the owner buys a car. After the motor vehicle arrives at the sales enterprise, the vehicle pre-inspection, data pre-audit and information pre-entry will be implemented, and the motor vehicle sales enterprise will provide the whole process services such as vehicle purchase, insurance purchase, tax payment and number selection registration, so that the masses can complete all the links of car purchase registration in the motor vehicle sales enterprise.

  Liu Yupeng, Deputy Inspector of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security:In fact, the vehicle management office has completed the basic information and inquiry work on this car. After the masses arrive at the 4S shop and buy the car, they only need to enter their personal information, so all the processes of selecting the number and handling the cards have been completed. After this number selection, he can drive home with a temporary number plate, and then mail the official number plate to his home.

  Starting from tomorrow, this measure will be first implemented in large and medium-sized cities such as municipalities directly under the central government, provincial capitals, autonomous region capitals and cities with separate plans, and will be fully implemented throughout the country before the end of the year, which will benefit more than 15 million car owners every year and save at least 200 million yuan in transportation costs every year.

  Temporary entry vehicle license is convenient to handle.

  In order to further facilitate the entry and driving of overseas personnel, the Ministry of Public Security has also introduced a number of measures to facilitate the travel of temporary entry vehicles. First of all, those who apply for temporary driving licenses for cars and motorcycles can apply directly with their entry-exit identity documents, overseas driving licenses and their Chinese translations, and there is no need to conduct physical examination and submit physical condition certificates.

  For those who stay in the country for a short time, they can apply for a temporary driving license valid for 3 months; If the stop or residence time exceeds 3 months, the validity period can be extended to 1 year.

  Wang Guoqiang, Deputy Researcher, Vehicle Management Department, Traffic Management Bureau, Ministry of Public Security:Originally, the validity period was no more than three months, but this time it was extended to no more than one year, which is consistent with the time limit for entry of entry personnel, and at the same time, it can be used for multiple entry within the validity period without repeated application.

  For less than 7 non-operating mini passenger cars and motorcycles registered overseas for less than 6 years, apply for temporary entry motor vehicle license plate, and be exempted from safety and technical inspection.

  Wang Guoqiang, Deputy Researcher, Vehicle Management Department, Traffic Management Bureau, Ministry of Public Security:In addition, we will also instruct local traffic control departments to set up traffic control service windows and service stations at airports and ports where immigrants are concentrated, as well as in our Pilot Free Trade Zone, so that immigrants can do it nearby and conveniently after entering the country.

  It is understood that these traffic control service stations will provide one-stop services such as compulsory insurance purchasing, vehicle confirmation, voucher verification, study and education, and license issuance.

  Promote the online transfer of passenger car transfer information

  Now it is more and more convenient to do things online, and the new measures implemented by the Ministry of Public Security from tomorrow also include a number of Internet-related services. Let’s have a look.

  Comprehensively promote the online transmission of passenger car transfer information.

  From tomorrow, the number of cities that transmit the information of passenger car transfer to the Internet will increase from the existing 120 to 300, and it will be fully implemented nationwide before the end of the year. In other words, if a non-operating passenger car is transferred to another place, it can apply directly to the place where the vehicle moves in, and it is no longer necessary to go to the vehicle management office of the place where it moves out to pick up the file and inspect the car, thus reducing the number of people going back and forth between the two places.

  Fully implement online perfect score education and verification education.

  It is understood that drivers who need to attend full-mark education and study when their driver’s license is scored 12 points in a scoring cycle, and drivers who need to attend verification education when their drivers are deducted during the scoring cycle, will all go to the site to study. This way will gradually become online education and study in the future.

  Liu Chunyu, Deputy Director of Publicity and Education Department of Traffic Management Bureau of Ministry of Public Security:Snapshots will also be taken from time to time during the learning process to ensure that drivers are always learning online. Drivers who study through the internet will try their best to pass the background supervision and spot check to ensure that they are drivers’ learning. In this process, if it is found that it is a substitute for learning or taking the test, the driver and the substitute for learning and taking the test will be blacklisted, and there will be some punitive measures to restrict him from receiving full marks and verification education through the Internet for three years.

  Full implementation of online navigation tips for traffic accident-prone points and sections

  In addition, the traffic control department will also promote cooperation with Internet map navigation application enterprises and strengthen the timely early warning and push of service information.

  Wang Bingbing, Deputy Director of Accident Countermeasures Department of Traffic Management Bureau of Ministry of Public Security:In the next step, we have to push the information of road occupation, traffic accidents and traffic control, including the information of previous accident-prone points, to the driver in time through navigation software. (CCTV reporter Li Wei)