The nine-chapter Yunji DataCanvas AIDC OS intelligent computing operating system was officially released, opening a new era of AI intelligent computing

  Zhonghong Network, April 19  On April 18, 2024, the new product launch conference of Nine Chapters Yunji DataCanvas intelligent computing operating system was grandly held in Beijing, and the new product DATACANVAS AIDC OS intelligent computing operating system (hereinafter referred to as "AIDC OS") was officially announced. AIDC OS is based on excellent AI technical strength and AI basic software, with the innovative purpose of redefining and breaking through tradition, and with industry leadership and standard setting as the value starting point, it has become a new practical milestone for Nine Chapters Yunji DataCanvas on the strategic journey of "algorithm + computing power" integrated AI services.

  The theme of this conference is "DATACANVAS AIDC OS @FUTURE", focusing on the "nerve center" of the intelligent computing center – the intelligent computing operating system, in-depth discussion of a series of core topics in the intelligent computing industry, such as intelligent computing power, intelligent computing network, intelligent computing center solutions, and high-quality development of intelligent computing centers. Experts, domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and scholars from the political, industrial and academic circles output international forward-looking insights at this conference, and create new potential for the intelligent computing industry to accelerate global development.

  Refactoring computing, AIDC OS defines a new computing infrastructure

  At the press conference, Fang Lei, chairperson of Jiuzhang Yunji DataCanvas Company, deeply analyzed the new direction and new opportunities of the computing world under the influence of the big model, revealed the importance and complexity of the current underlying computing revolution, and looked forward to the mutual influence and innovation space of the co-evolution of software and hardware. He pointed out that the era of software-defined computing power is coming, and the AIDC OS intelligent computing operating system will play a key role in this transformation.

  "The underlying computing revolution brought by the big model has officially arrived, and the DATACANVAS AIDC OS intelligent computing operating system will be the core driver to lead the industrial restructuring under this revolution," said Fang Lei, chairperson of Jiuzhang Yunji DataCanvas.

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  Jiuzhang Yunji DataCanvas Chairperson Fang Lei

  At present, a new round of low-level computing revolution is triggered by the rise of the big model. Low-level computing has always been the result of the collaboration between software and hardware, and the close cooperation between software and hardware is particularly important, each ushering in new opportunities and challenges.

  Looking back at the evolution of the computing world, a common objective law is obvious: hardware has always evolved to meet the final computing needs, while software uses the form of an operating system as a bridge to seamlessly connect hardware and applications. In this revolution, with the continuous development of hardware technology and the intensification of the homogenization trend, the innovation space of software has become increasingly broad, and its role in the revolution has become increasingly important.

  In this context, the AIFS artificial intelligence basic software has given birth to huge development opportunities. The DATACANVAS AIDC OS intelligent computing operating system, which is based on the AIFS artificial intelligence basic software, is leading the innovation of computing power infrastructure with its unique functions and positioning.

  Unlike traditional resource management drivers that serve hardware, AIDC OS is driven by AI usage capabilities. It not only focuses on the effective management and utilization of hardware resources, but also focuses on how to better meet the core computing power needs of end users: through intelligent scheduling and optimized configuration, AIDC OS will provide users with available, easy-to-use and economical computing power.

  Therefore, AIDC OS is not only a bridge between software and hardware, but also a key force in defining computing power infrastructure in the new computing world. Its appearance will promote a leap in computing power and provide a solid support for the wide application of AI technology and large models.

  Five core values, AIDC OS helps the smart computing industry take off

  Jiuzhang Yunji DataCanvas Co-founder and CTO Shang Mingdong officially released the DATACANVAS AIDC OS intelligent computing operating system. He introduced that the AIDC OS intelligent computing operating system is in the middle of the intelligent computing center industry ecosystem, establishing an efficient link between the underlying hardware chip and the upper large model.

  AIDC OS can coordinate large-scale GPU computing power downward to ensure that hardware resources are effectively utilized and efficiently managed; in addition, we provide a complete large-scale model toolchain upward, providing a convenient and efficient development environment for large-scale model training and inference and large-scale model applications to meet the needs of complex AI tasks.

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  Jiuzhang Yunji DataCanvas Founder and CTO Shang Mingdong

  Directly attacking the difficulties in the management of heterogeneous computing power resources, insufficient computing power scheduling capabilities and low utilization rates, insufficient AI acceleration and optimization capabilities, and high-threshold industries for AI large-scale model training and fine-tuning, AIDC OS built five value bases in the early stage of design: farewell to "bare metal", born for AI, global acceleration and optimization, heterogeneous computing power management and scheduling, and 1 degree of computing power, and designed product functions based on this. At the press conference, Mr. Shang Mingdong started from the core value and detailed the highlights and performance advantages of AIDC OS.

  Based on the five core values, DATACANVAS AIDC OS will provide the computing power center with an efficient computing power operating system, more valuable computing power services, and more, more convenient, and more efficient computing services, and will play an increasingly important role in the computing ecosystem with the computing center as the carrier.

  Focusing on the frontier, going to AI intelligent computing green waters and green mountains

  During the press conference, Jiuzhang Yunji DataCanvas Company signed four strategic cooperation agreements with core ecological partners at home and abroad, including Xinhua Publishing House, Shuguang Information Industry joint stock company, Huangshan Tourism Development joint stock company and Singapore technology company Krakatoa Tech. The cooperation covers empowering intelligent computing economy, vertical large-scale model construction, artificial intelligence industry basic services, intelligent computing center ecological construction, and artificial intelligence basic software ecological construction. The advantageous business scale of Jiuzhang Yunji DataCanvas Company, including vertical large-scale models and intelligent computing centers, will be further consolidated and expanded.

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  Nine chapters Yunji DataCanvas Company and Xinhua Publishing House, Shuguang Information Industry joint stock company, Huangshan Tourism Development joint stock company and Krakatoa Tech and other core ecological partners at home and abroad officially signed four strategic cooperation agreements

  Kuang Lecheng, chairman of Xinhua Publishing House Co., Ltd., Guan Hongming, senior vice president of Shuguang Information Industry joint stock company, Tang Shinan, party committee member and senior vice president of Huangshan Tourism Development joint stock company, Jumeidi Alexander, co-founder of Krakatoa Tech and CDO, and Fang Lei, chairman of Jiuzhang Yunji DataCanvas Company, attended the signing ceremony on behalf of all companies.

  During the same period of the conference, partner companies from the upstream and downstream of the intelligent computing industry will focus on the future development of the intelligent computing operating system and the intelligent computing industry, output the most cutting-edge innovation practices in their respective fields, and further accelerate the integration and innovation of the intelligent computing ecosystem.

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  Sun Shaoling, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Group Cloud Capability Center

  Pointing directly at the urgent need for intelligent computing power, Sun Shaoling, deputy general manager of China Mobile Group’s Cloud Competence Center, pointed out in the keynote speech "AI + Cloud Integration, Helping High-Quality Development of Computing Power", "At present, the rapid development of AI native applications has given birth to the model innovation of AI infrastructure and service platform, and the integration of cloud + AI has become the future development direction unanimously recognized by the industry. In this change, Mobile Cloud actively builds a new generation of intelligent computing cloud operating system for intelligent computing business. By integrating large-scale and diverse intelligent computing power resources, it creates an intelligent computing network scheduling system, provides more comprehensive and efficient AI native platform service support, accelerates the rise of new quality productivity, and jointly builds a new AI ecosystem to help the transformation of AI + in thousands of industries."

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  Ming Libo, Assistant to the President of Shuguang Zhishou Information Technology Co., Ltd.

  Ming Libo, assistant to the president of Shuguang Intelligent Computing Information Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on "From Hashrate to Hashrate Grid Connection", which deeply analyzed the development trend of computing power from the three aspects of chips, applications, and computing networks. He pointed out that the status of computing power as the core productivity will not change, and the future new era of computing power networks and inclusive and efficient computing power grid integration will effectively alleviate computing power anxiety and accelerate the amplification of computing power value. Facing the future, six major fields such as computing power demand, large models, computing power applications, computing power services, computing power integration, and computing power integration are still full of opportunities and development space.

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  Xiao Chunxi, Vice President of H3C Group and General Manager of Marketing Technology Department

  Xiao Chunxi, vice president of H3C Group and general manager of the Marketing Technology Department, mentioned in "Building a Solid Foundation and Exploring the Future, H3C’s Understanding and Practice of AI Intelligent Computing Industry" that "computing power is national strength, and intelligence is the future". Artificial intelligence technology and intelligent computing centers have become the key direction of national strategy. Intelligent computing power, as the cornerstone of the AIGC industry, is growing exponentially and has also become a new type of infrastructure for cities. As a leader in digital solutions, H3C has built intelligent computing centers with governments at all levels with the innovative model of "Turing Town" to empower industrial incubation. H3C will join hands with partners to give full play to the capabilities and advantages of both parties, and jointly support the construction of intelligent computing centers for governments and enterprises at all levels to empower intelligent business transformation.

  Zhou Xiaoling, Vice President of Jiuzhang Yunji DataCanvas Company, hosted a roundtable forum entitled "In the era of computing power economy, talk about the catalyst for the high-quality development of intelligent computing centers". Li Shihua, Governor of Huashan District, Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province, Guang Xiaoming, Deputy General Manager of Tianyi Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., Ari Sondang, General Manager of Telkomsel Network Department of Indonesian telecom operator, and Lu Yao, Assistant Professor of National University of Singapore, participated in the dialogue and contributed unique insights for the future development of the international intelligent computing industry.

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  Zhou Xiaoling, Vice President of Jiuzhang Yunji DataCanvas Company, chaired the roundtable forum

  As an AIFS artificial intelligence basic software provider, Jiuzhang Yunji DataCanvas will continue to play the technical advantages of AI basic software and seize the opportunity window of the intelligent computing era. The official release of the DATACANVAS AIDC OS intelligent computing operating system marks the company’s comprehensive upgrade in integrated AI services, and the new era of AI intelligent computing has officially opened.

It’s going to snow in Changsha again! The minimum temperature will drop below 0℃

  Today is the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month.

  In northern China, this day is regarded as a small year.

  In the south, the 24 th of the twelfth lunar month is regarded as a small year.

  Usually from the first day of the year,

  It will be officially transferred to "the frequency of celebrating the Spring Festival".

  People began to plan colorful customs,

  Such as eating candied melons, cleaning, stick grilles, eating jiaozi, etc.

  It can be said that every day is very particular.

  Show a strong flavor of the year.

  In addition,

  There is also a special "project" in the Spring Festival.

  That’s Spring Festival travel rush.

  At present, it has gradually entered the peak period in Spring Festival travel rush.

  However, there will still be more rainy days in the coming week.

  Among them, from the evening of the 3rd to the daytime of the 4th, and from the 7th to the 8th,

  There will be snow,

  Remind friends on their way home,

  Pay attention to traffic safety.

It's going to snow in Changsha again! The minimum temperature will drop below 0℃

It's going to snow in Changsha again! The minimum temperature will drop below 0℃

  # Forecast conclusion #

  It is predicted that there will be freezing rain in the western and central mountainous areas and light rain in other areas during the day from the 2nd to 3rd, and the temperature will be 0 ~ 1℃ and-4 ~-2℃ in the mountainous areas. During the day from the evening of the 3rd to the 4th, it was sleet or freezing rain in the midwest and moderate to heavy rain in the east; During the day from 4th to 5th, the precipitation was intermittent; From the evening of the 5 th to the 6 th, there was little to moderate rain, and there was freezing rain in the western and central mountainous areas; Sleet or snow during the day from 7th to 8th; It is mainly cloudy from the evening of the 8th to the 9th.


  There will be more rainy days and rainfall in the coming week to prevent the adverse effects of low temperature, rain, snow and freezing weather on transportation, agriculture, electric power and communication facilities; Outdoor construction and aerial work should avoid strong winds; In the later period, the temperature is low, so pay attention to cold and warmth, and patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should strengthen their prevention; Pay attention to the safety of electricity, gas and fire; Please pay attention to the weather changes in time and arrange your life and travel reasonably.

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Sports lottery star appeared at Zhucheng New Year Festival.

On January 29th, Zhucheng Square, the main venue of 2024 Guizhou New Year New Year New Year Festival, kicked off. People came to buy new year’s goods in an endless stream, and there was a strong "fireworks" everywhere, full of flavor.
2024 Spring Festival Sports Lottery Event Site.
According to reports, the organizers of this year’s New Year Festival, Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce, Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Guiyang Municipal People’s Government, have carefully planned four exhibitions of "Precious New Year Exhibition, Imported Commodities Exhibition, Automobile Home Exhibition and Commodities Exhibition in Counterpart Cooperation Areas", and are committed to building the New Year Festival into a comprehensive brand event integrating display, communication, sales and entertainment. Among them, as a new friend this year, the sports lottery booth at the New Year Festival attracted many citizens to stop and experience.
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The sports lottery booth has the elements of the Year of the Dragon and various ways of playing, which makes people overwhelmed. For a time, this "special new year’s goods" made people crowded around the sports lottery booth and passed on the good luck of the New Year to everyone. "I didn’t expect that this year’s New Year’s Festival can also scrape the sports lottery. It’s a surprise. I hope sports lottery can bring blessings and bring wealth!" Ms. Wang said happily.
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In addition to gaining good fortune and fortune, we can win small gifts by answering questions in the on-site sports lottery and paying attention to the "Guizhou Sports Lottery Service Number", so that the on-site citizens can feel the public welfare power of China Sports Lottery.
2024 Spring Festival Sports Lottery Event Site.
In the next step, Guizhou Provincial Sports Lottery Management Center will further enhance the awareness and brand image of sports lottery among the masses by carrying out sports lottery publicity activities, and will deeply root in the people’s hearts the issue purpose of "from the people, use it for the people". (Text/Liu Lihua Figure/Ren Zhenyu)