From mobile phones to rims, Xiaomi and Huawei love each other.

Text/Lu Shiming

Executives "talk to each other" at the car launch conference, or it will become a normal state of the industry.

Not long ago, Huawei held the HarmonyOS Ecological Spring Communication Meeting and released a number of new products. At the press conference, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, BG CEO, chairman of BU, Huawei’s smart car solution, and Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery Automobile, released the first smart car, Zhijie S7, for the second time.

It is understood that the newly released Zhijie S7 has launched five models, among which S7 Ultra has been added as a high-end model. The official guide price is 249,800 to 349,800 yuan, and the price range is consistent with the old model.

Standing on the level of public opinion, the public doesn’t seem to be interested in the product itself, but what really makes people relish is Yu Chengdong’s series of remarks on "targeting" Xiaomi.

From the mobile phone stand to intelligent driving, Yu Chengdong’s "insinuation" of Xiaomi is familiar, just like the "routine" of the two companies at the mobile phone conference for many years.

However, the trend of executives of the two companies "talking to each other" from a distance has blown to a new battlefield this time, and the "grudges and enmities" between the two companies over the years will also stage a new story in the automobile market.

Yu Chengdong has never been soft on "friends". In this release, Yu Chengdong made many statements all the time, which can be said to be "tit for tat" with Xiaomi.

At the previous Xiaomi SU7 conference, Lei Jun once said: "I found that all the car manufacturers did not consider how to install the mobile phone bracket, and none of them worked well. We must make the best mobile phone bracket!"

At the S7 conference of Zhijie, Yu Chengdong said in a meaningful way: "I really don’t understand why many cars use mobile phone stands. Later, I understood that their car navigation performance is not good! We will let the mobile phone application get on the bus in full, and the powerful heart does not need a mobile phone bracket! "

In addition, Yu Chengdong also intentionally emphasized that the utilization rate of car navigation in HarmonyOS is as high as 99%, while the utilization rate of other car navigation is only 31%, and the gap is "very large".

Regarding Yu Chengdong’s remarks, Lei Jun issued a document in Weibo, saying: "At their press conference, General Manager Huawei ridiculed the design of our original mobile phone bracket for Xiaomi SU7." At the same time, Lei Jun also asked questions and initiated a vote: Do you support the original mobile phone bracket in the car? Why do you think we made the original mobile phone stand?

Up to now, 271,000 people have voted for this activity, of which 231,000 support the original mobile phone stand of Xiaomi SU7 and 40,000 do not. Zinc Finance noticed that the highest praise message in the comment area of the event was: "I can do without it, but you can’t do without it."

In addition to the episode of mobile phone stand, Yu Chengdong also made a targeted "insinuation" on intelligent driving.

It is reported that Lei Jun once said: "The whole industry is in the city of NOA. We started user testing in April, officially opened ten cities in May, and opened nationwide in August!" At the press conference, Yu Chengdong said: "Huawei Smart Drive is a spot, not a futures, and it is the best spot!" In this regard, Lei Jun did not send a response.

At the press conference, we conducted parameter benchmarking and technical comparison, or emphasized the strength of functions, and then the senior management published a document on Weibo to "communicate with each other" from a distance. This marketing technique and rhythm has become commonplace in the mobile phone circle, especially Huawei and Xiaomi, who have used this routine perfectly.

However, this has become a "new thing" in the automobile circle. After all, no car company has conducted such a "blatant" benchmarking before, and there has been no precedent for executives to speak out about competitors’ weaknesses at the press conference.

Obviously, with the competitiveness of Huawei and Xiaomi in the automobile market becoming more and more prominent, the two companies that have been "loving each other and killing each other" for many years have reached the time of "short-term intersection", but this time the battlefield has changed from mobile phones to cars.

In fact, the relationship between Huawei and Xiaomi in the early days was not "tense" at all, and even very "harmonious".

In 2012, Yu Chengdong sent Weibo that he needed to learn Internet marketing from Lei Jun, and Lei Jun also responded that Huawei has always been an example for Xiaomi to learn. At that time, the relationship between the two families was very harmonious.

In 2013, Xiaomi gradually gained momentum and launched Redmi, and Huawei also announced its glory independence.

In terms of brand positioning, Redmi, like Glory, focuses on products with a thousand yuan level. Including the product level, Glory 3C, the first mobile phone after glory independence, is very similar in appearance and configuration to Redmi. Later, sales proved that the two companies’ choices were undoubtedly correct. In 2014, the shipments of Glory and Redmi rose sharply, which brought more revenue to the parent company.

Even if they all made achievements, they all became the best in the market. At that time, the atmosphere between Xiaomi and Huawei was still very relaxed.

When the time came to 2015, Huawei began to make full efforts in the mid-to-high-end market, and achieved outstanding results, and the Mate series emerged. However, in the same year, Xiaomi, due to the insufficient supply of Xiaolong processors, led to a crisis in brand reputation and sales began to decline.

On the other side of Xiaomi’s constant problems, Glory seized this opportunity, eating away a lot of market share originally belonging to Xiaomi and Redmi, and helped Huawei win the first sales volume that year.

There is no doubt that 2015 is a watershed in the relationship between the two companies, laying the groundwork for the future "mutual tearing" between the two companies.

Only a few years later, Huawei Xiaomi began real competition, and the executives of the two companies frequently exchanged ideas at their respective product launches.

For example, in May 2018, HONOR officially announced that it will release Glory play on June 6, which will launch Huawei’s "very scary technology." Xiaomi immediately said that "Xiaomi 8 has many very scary technologies". In this regard, Huawei directly responded that it has a lot of technology. "Do you want to learn? It’s very difficult, so you should study hard. "

By the end of 2019, Xiaomi and Glory started a war of words for a week, starting with Xiaomi’s public relations Pan Da’s announcement that Weibo publicly questioned the existence of false propaganda on the glory smart screen.

In the next few years, such incidents were frequently staged. Even in the last year or two, the "DISS Friends" session at the two press conferences was never absent.

However, from a historical perspective, the reason for the "frequent tearing" between the two companies is also inseparable from the changes in the market environment.

In the years when the two companies were "in love", Samsung and Apple occupied most of the market share. At that time, domestic mobile phones needed to unite and reduce internal friction because of insufficient technical strength. But by 18 years or so, Samsung Apple has begun to decline, while the domestic mobile phone under the rapid development is rising step by step.

Without the threat of foreign enemies, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have also started a new round of competition, and the story of Huawei and Xiaomi "killing each other" has begun.

In fact, in the fact that the entire mobile phone market is gradually sluggish, the "gunpowder smell" of the two companies in the past two years is far less strong than before. But who would have thought that as both companies entered the new energy vehicle market, those familiar "old plots" turned back.

In 2021, after Huawei officially started its automobile business, it always claimed that it would not build cars, but only help car companies build good cars.

So far, Huawei has really not violated this creed, but with the increasing "Chinese content" of the entire automobile circle, consumers have been unable to tell who is the "protagonist".

Up to now, Huawei has reached cooperation with many domestic car companies, such as "Wen Jie" with Selis, Aouita with Chang ‘an, Zhijie with Chery, Polar Fox with BAIC and so on.

Although there are many cooperations, Huawei’s cooperative brands are only "out of bounds", and others are not excellent. As the first smart car that it cooperates with Chery, Huawei’s expectation for the intelligent S7 is obviously higher than other brands. Not only is it equipped with Huawei’s best autonomous driving technology, but it has also gained an unprecedented "momentum" from Huawei.

Unfortunately, judging from the current results, the performance of the intellectual community is very unsatisfactory.

Zhijie S7 has been on the market for nearly five months, and its sales in these five months have failed to exceed 1,000 vehicles. Specifically, there were 115 and 784 vehicles in November and December last year, and 604 and 794 vehicles in January and February this year, respectively.

In the same price segment, on the other hand, Xiaomi SU7 stole the limelight after listing, and the heat continued to rise, and the sales volume was even more popular.

According to public data, Xiaomi Automobile delivered a total of 1,093 vehicles in the 14th week of 2024, ranking 9th among new energy automobile brands. In addition, in the brand sales ranking of the pure electric vehicle market of more than 200,000, Xiaomi Auto also successfully entered the list, ranking fifth with sales of 1.1 thousand vehicles, surpassing Zhijie and Xpeng Motors.

It is worth noting that the delivery of Xiaomi Auto started on April 3rd, and the 4th to 6th falls on Tomb-Sweeping Day holiday, so this data can not fully reflect the actual delivery potential of Xiaomi SU7.

The sales volume of Zhijie S7 can’t exceed 1,000 in five months, and the sales volume of Xiaomi SU7 will exceed 1,000 in the listing week.

Under such a "gap", Huawei can’t turn a blind eye. It must readjust its propaganda caliber and regard Xiaomi as its core competitor. This is also the reason why Huawei wants to "second" release the intelligent S7.

Huawei should re-emphasize the technical gap between Zhijie S7 and Xiaomi SU7, so as to gain more consumers’ recognition and increase sales.

After 2018, the "mutual tearing" between the two companies can be seen as a microcosm of the marketing war of mobile phone brands. Now, this process will be repeated in the automobile market.

So, who will be the ultimate "winner"? This question is not important. It is important to hope that Huawei and Xiaomi can benefit consumers with better technology under this kind of competition, so that the whole new energy automobile industry can reach a higher level.

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Zijin Chen defends rights and Michael Chen apologizes. Is the next stop of 1818 golden eye a "real star"?

Text | Entertainment Unicorn, Author | Sugar Fried Hawthorn

"In the next three dramas, the real names of Renyitang and Tang Xianyou will definitely become important plots in the drama." The last wave of public opinion topics at the end of May was handed over to the reasoning writer Zi Jinchen — — The original author of Hidden Corner and Silent Truth. And this right protection, which was ridiculed by netizens as "miserable and funny", has a different temperament because of the addition of "online celebrity Program" and "1818 golden eye".

On May 29th, Zi Jinchen went to a traditional Chinese medicine hospital to treat lumbar muscle strain. After spending 4,500 yuan on a small molecule anti-inflammatory needle to make the low back pain stiff and went to the hospital to seek an explanation, he shouted "1818 golden eye" and "took orders" in the afternoon. On the evening of 30th, Zi Jinchen appeared in "1818 golden eye", and the number of related videos was over 10 million.

An hour later, the official micro-synchronization health bureau imposed administrative penalties on the hospitals and doctors involved; On June 1st, Ada Choi issued a statement saying that he had never treated any diseases in the hospital. Celebrity appearance, celebrity rumor, online celebrity program blessing, public opinion boosting,The phenomenon of "fake medical institutions" quickly triggered a storm of investigation: Yesterday, Zi Jinchen announced the latest progress that the Health and Health Bureau had inspected 16 medical institutions and filed 7 cases for investigation.

At this point, the first celebrity’s rights protection incident in 1818 golden eye has been successfully solved, but the focus of public opinion in the whole process has gone astray: "dream linkage", "breaking the dimensional wall" and "sure enough, everyone in 1818 golden eye seems to have a low IQ" … … People’s livelihood programs and network celebrities and stars seem to be forming a strange chemical reaction.

Sand sculpture temperament, large-scale magical realism, and wonderful flowers, 1818 golden eye has been successfully published by virtue of its unique painting style, becoming another kind of "good heart" for young people, and naturally there is a younger way to interpret it:The era of face-breaking.From the unexpected popularity of Xiao Wu, the hairline, to the fact that Xiao Zhang, whose hand was cut by the glass door in the bathroom last year, incited more than 1.5 billion Weibo readers, the "1818 golden eye Handsome Group" successfully debuted, and the program became the cradle of a new generation of online celebrity.

On the other side of "amateur’s popularity", what is rarely paid attention to is the celebrity group with the same sense of existence in the program.As the first celebrity who appeared in 1818 golden eye to defend rights, Zi Jinchen’s rights protection incident is obviously an excellent opportunity to examine the relationship between the celebrity groups that are blown up high every day and the livelihood issues that look more "trivial". This has never been a fragmented existence, and 1818 golden eye is undoubtedly the mirror.

Simply sort out the star topics that have appeared in 1818 golden eye and roughly divide them into four categories:One is the active appearance of rights protection class represented by Zi Jinchen.In fact, there are many cases in which "safeguarding rights" is the key word in the entertainment circle, but most of them are solved by Weibo’s shouting or resorting to law. The most common cases are suing fans for infringement of rights and interests, music copyright disputes, plagiarism represented by Jing M.Guo and Yu Zheng, and so on. A program like Zi Jinchen’s initiative to help people’s livelihood is the first case.

The second is that stars are reported as interested parties and related bodies.At the beginning of April, the "roof collapse" incident of Xianhezhuang, a catering brand with Chen Heshen, which was reported on the program, also caused widespread concern. Later, Michael Chen apologized in Weibo and said that he would conduct a comprehensive investigation of potential safety hazards in stores across the country. In addition, at the end of last year, the program also reported that there was a problem with the course of learning tyrants in Hai Qing Dynasty. Hou Qing said that "there is no endorsement relationship, and the money is still owed during the endorsement period".

If the stars in the former do have commercial connections with them, thenThe third phenomenon appears more frequently in people’s livelihood programs: the stars themselves don’t know, but they do have a negative impact on the economy or life.The most typical case is the "fake Jin Dong" incident, which was heated up last year. Although it was not exposed in "1818 golden eye", it was also from the livelihood program "Happiness Formula" of Jiangxi Metropolitan Channel.

There are also such reports in 1818 golden eye. Similar to the sudden thunder of milk tea brands endorsed by Ma Yili and Ryan, the milk tea brand Chumi once recruited franchisees in the name of Yang Mi, and the victim claimed that "the licensor promised the artist Yang Mi to participate in the project promotion", but it was later confirmed that Yang Mi was not the brand spokesperson, and the brand only "purchased the right to use the portrait belonging to Yang Mi from Tiny Times column and agreed to use it commercially".

Apart from commercial disputes, another phenomenon frequently associated with stars in 1818 golden eye is "psychological fraud of fans".In recent years, there are not a few "emotional" scams reported in this program, such as the online dating boyfriend who looks like Allen was cheated by 80,000 yuan, and the members who look like Yang Yang on the dating website attracted recharge, and there are also many cosmetic appeals that are in line with Dilraba and Angelababy. In addition, programs such as "Zero Distance in Nanjing" and "Guangdong Taiwan Today’s Concern" exposed the phenomenon that hackers were cheated of deleting black posts for idols for 8,000 yuan, students were cheated of joining star fans for more than 30,000 yuan, and stars were recharged 10 times on their birthdays.

Compared with online celebrity programs and "Star-making Factory",The connection between people’s livelihood news programs represented by 1818 golden eye and stars is more like a variety of people’s livelihood under the fan economy, which comprehensively exposes the "hidden corner" behind the glamour.In addition to the common celebrity endorsements and celebrity entrepreneurial storms, a series of gray products and black products originated from the influence of stars are constantly fermenting and harming people’s livelihood, and this is the reality that deserves more attention besides the wonderful rewards and amateur popularity.

Zi Jinchen’s appearance in 1818 golden eye should be a dual node of celebrity groups and people’s livelihood programs. But how easy is this "unconventional"? The former is probably the "forbearance" in China people’s bones, while the lack of awareness of rights protection and the "difficulty in rights protection" really hit the reality of ordinary people. "Under normal circumstances, ordinary people have no evidence and no energy. The truer people can only return the money at most. They still continue to cheat. It is very rare to meet me with such bad money."

However, since he chose to expose the incident on the 29th, the public opinion he faced is diverse. Apart from jokes such as "not looking too smart", there are also many malicious voices such as "hype" and "deserved it". The "victim guilt theory" has never been absent on the Internet. Since the 30th, he has issued a number of clarifications to Weibo, saying that he does not ask for an apology and the amount of compensation will be multiplied, "purely to expose this kind of thing".

Zi Jinchen, who is defending rights, put up a Weibo, which wrote: "I may have used my influence to defend rights, but I don’t have any economic demands. You really underestimate me. My time cost is also very expensive, because I am not alone. I saw teenagers doing the same thing yesterday. Most of these hospitals won’t kill people, and ordinary people can’t get hot search when they encounter ordinary things. "

In fact, the rapid action of relevant departments and the high attention of public opinion within five days have indeed made his road to safeguarding rights smoother. On the other hand, Zi Jinchen’s appearance in safeguarding rights also made the market see the deeper reasons behind the "source of joy" of this online celebrity livelihood program:It takes only one day from being called to take orders, to investigating and visiting and then broadcasting, from the victim’s dictation, to visiting the hospital involved and connecting with the health bureau.

This should be a time when the news ability of this online celebrity program is once again concerned by the mass market, and it is really concerned because of serving the people. At the same time, the relevant regional health and health bureaus revealed by Zi Jinchen in Weibo will launch a "big investigation" to comprehensively rectify this chaos. The influence of celebrity stars can be seen. In fact, some netizens shouted in Weibo that "the influence of celebrities should be used to expose these scams and abducts bad style."

Another feedback of star influence should be the quick action of the stars involved after the program is exposed.After the Xianhezhuang incident, Chen Hefang quickly gave his handling opinions and said that he had reached a settlement with the victims. Whether defending rights, defending rights or being related, the exposure and amplification of 1818 golden eye and other programs are forming a positive effect, urging the rapid resolution of the incident. And this is the influence that ordinary people and ordinary things are difficult to form.

At the same time, corresponding to 1818 golden eye’s frequent hot search in Weibo and its rapid popularity in bilibili, the market has always questioned the out-of-focus public opinion of Ke Yan’s generation. Behind the instant success of Xiao Zhang, few people still remember his original intention. In the "Who should be responsible for this matter" vote released by Guan Wei, 265,000 of the 365,000 people said that "it can’t be Xiao Zhang’s responsibility anyway"; After the follow-up compensation was communicated to Weibo, the number of praises was 163,000, and Weibo, who exposed the matter, praised nearly 3 million, and forwarded and commented more than 240,000, which was far from the same.


In the Internet age, the market naturally prefers those fresh, interesting and even sand sculpture information. 1818 golden eye is in the first place, and a number of similar programs, such as Xiaoli Help, and of course, a group of amateurs who quickly became popular. This may be the way to survive in the era of traffic, but it is worth noting that this can only be the first step out of the circle, not the long-term way.

People’s livelihood programs are still a rich mine. When the carnival and the joy of sand sculpture fade away, what really makes them stand firm in the market lies in."people’s livelihood"In itself. The "celebrity effect" once scattered in 1818 golden eye may be a good breakthrough, but there are more dimensions to be developed, problems to be dealt with and degrees to be grasped. Whenever people’s livelihood is the foundation, it is the way to stand on the ground.

Within 400,000 yuan before the subsidy, the ideal intellectual ONE was officially unveiled.

  [car home New Car Launch] On the evening of October 18th, Beijing time, (|) was officially unveiled.The official announced that the price before the subsidy was less than 400,000 yuan.The NEDC car is positioned as a medium-sized and large-scale extended-range SUV, and its whole vehicle will be built with a four-wheel drive electric platform, and through the efficient cooperation of a large-capacity battery pack and a high-power extended-range power generation system, it will provide a comprehensive cruising range of more than 700 kilometers, and the cruising range in urban conditions will exceed 1,000 kilometers. In addition, its first batch of production cars were delivered in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Home of the car

Home of the car

◆ The most noteworthy points about the ideal intelligent ONE:

1. The price before subsidy is less than 400,000 yuan, and the reservation will be opened during the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2019 and officially delivered in the fourth quarter of 2019;
2, very rich configuration, the four-screen system in the car brings a powerful intelligent experience;
3. 6-seat /7-seat layout, with independent seats in the second row;
4. Only one model is available;
5. Development based on pure tram platform.Which is equipped with a large-capacity battery pack and combined with a high-power extended-range power generation system for power supply;
6、The cruising range of comprehensive working conditions reaches 700km, and the cruising range of urban working conditions reaches 1000km;;

● New car features: innovative design.

Home of the car

  In terms of appearance, the front face of the new car adopts a large-size front grille and the interior adopts a mesh structure, which makes the overall visual effect similar to that of chain mail worn by medieval knights, and it is expected to reflect a variety of light and shadow effects in the sun. At the same time, the left and right sides of the car adopt long headlight groups, with large air intakes on both sides and penetrating trapezoidal air intakes below, which increases the overall sports atmosphere of the car.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  From the side of the car body, the new car adopts a relatively straight roof line, so it has a stretching visual effect to a certain extent, leaving a slender feeling. At the same time, the flat roof design can also provide sufficient head space to a certain extent, making the passengers in the car more comfortable. In addition, the front and rear wheel eyebrows of the new car are slightly protruding, which faintly reveals a bit of muscle texture, making the car look very dynamic. In terms of the tail, the new car uses a penetrating taillight group with a rounded rectangular license plate frame, which makes the whole look more layered.

Home of the car

  As for the interior, judging from the official interior map released before, the center console has a straight line with two colors: upper black and lower brown, and three large-size screens are placed side by side on it, which are full LCD instruments and two multimedia display screens from left to right, which are full of futuristic and technological sense. At the same time, the new car uses a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, and a fourth screen is designed in front of the handlebar. Among them, the instrument screen, central control screen, passenger entertainment screen and vehicle control screen are 12.3 inches, 16.2 inches, 12.3 inches and 10.1 inches respectively, and they can work safely and stably at the temperature of -30℃~85℃.

Home of the car

  Intelligentization is a point that Ideal Intelligence pays great attention to when building this car. The four-screen interactive system mentioned above brings a strong sense of science and technology to the senses. The new car will also be equipped with intelligent voice control system, OTA upgrade of the whole vehicle, 4G network and applications and services that can be expanded indefinitely.

  After this information and control system, Ideal Smart ONE is equipped with dual-chip and dual-system architecture, and adopts Qualcomm Xiaolong 820A car-level chip with Android Automotive system to provide rich functions and applications. J6 chip of Texas Instruments is matched with Linux system to ensure stability and security.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

"Click to view a larger image"

  The length, width and height of the new car body are 5020/1960/1760mm and the wheelbase is 2935mm respectively. It is available in 6-seat and 7-seat versions with 2+2+2 and 2+3+2 seat layouts respectively. The second row of the 6-seat version uses two independent seats, equipped with double handrails and comfortable headrest, and supports large angle adjustment. The first row of seats in the new car comes standard with seat ventilation, while the first two rows come standard with seat heating. In addition, the new car will come standard with steering wheel heating. As can be seen from the above picture, the standard configuration of production models will be very rich.

Home of the car

  It is understood that this SUV is positioned as a "smart electric vehicle without mileage anxiety" and is developed based on a pure tram platform. Different from ordinary pure electric vehicles, it is equipped with a large-capacity battery pack (battery capacity 40.6 kWh, available power 37.2 kWh) and combined with a high-power extended-range power generation system (a 1.2T three-cylinder engine), which can fundamentally eliminate the mileage anxiety of users when using pure electric vehicles. In addition, compared with our common plug-in hybrid vehicles, the driving experience retains the smoothness and quietness of pure electric vehicles because the range extender does not output power.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In addition, the upgrade of the electronic system and electronic control system of the whole vehicle through OTA makes the self-iteration of the future vehicles possible, which is also the unique advantage of such "smart electric vehicles" compared with traditional fuel vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It is reported that the maximum cruising range of the brand-new SUV model of Che He Jia will exceed 1000 kilometers, and the cruising range of NEDC will exceed 700 kilometers. It is worth mentioning that the new car has a pure battery life of 180 kilometers.

Home of the car

  This car has three forms of energy supply: fast charging, slow charging and refueling power generation (it takes 30 minutes for 40kW DC to charge 0-80% quickly, and 6 hours for household 7kW to charge 0-100% slowly). The thermal management system can make full use of the residual heat of the range extender. In the environment of -10℃, the cruising range attenuation of the ideal intelligent ONE can be controlled at 5%, which is better than the 30% attenuation of some electric vehicles. In the environment of -20℃, the cruising range of the ideal intelligent ONE is only 7%, which makes it still have good cruising ability in winter.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The power used by this car has always been a front and rear dual-drive four-wheel drive system. The comprehensive power of the motor is 326 HP and the peak torque is 530 Nm. This power system allows the new car to have an acceleration time of 0-100km/h of 6.5 seconds.

Home of the car

  Regarding the advanced assisted driving system, Li Xiang said in the dialogue that the integrated control algorithm developed by Chehe Jia for China road conditions has completed more than 400,000 kilometers of road tests, and all departments will be equipped with the LEVEL 2 advanced assisted driving system as standard, which will be done by Yihang, a startup company invested and incubated by Chehe Jia. It is reported that this system is targeted at Tesla’s Autopilot, and its suppliers include Mobileye and Bosch. In the future, the autonomous driving of L4 will be developed by the car and home owned team. At the same time, Chehejia and Didi formed a joint venture company to accumulate the operational ability of travel services.

● About cars and homes and ideals and wisdom.

Home of the car

Home of the car

"The one standing in the middle with pictures is Li Xiang"

  Chehejia was founded in July 2015. It is a new energy automobile company founded by Li Xiang, the founder of car home. The company hopes to create a brand-new business model of electric vehicles through independent research and development, independent production and independent sales and services.

Home of the car

"Ideal Intellectual Brand"

  As a brand of Chehejia-Ideality Zhizao, its English brand name is "Leading Idea", and the brand logo "Li" is inspired by the initials of the English name Leading Idea.

● Competitors/for the crowd:

Home of the car

  Because this model is special, there are no other brands on the market to launch similar models to compete with it. As for the car Ideal Smart ONE, although the car is positioned as a medium-sized and large-scale extended-range SUV, and its body length once exceeded 5 meters, because this level of market is generally occupied by joint venture brands, it will definitely be differentiated in terms of price. Market strategy, so as to open the gap with it and get more consumers’ attention and favor.

  In addition, in the classification of new energy vehicle technology in China, the positioning of the extended program is a bit special. From the classification of subsidies, the extended range and plug-in hybrid belong to the same standard, and the subsidy amount is lower than that of pure electric vehicles. In addition, different restricted cities have different policies on it. Judging from the current policy, Beijing, for example, can’t enjoy the new energy license plate policy for extended-range vehicles, and you need to use the oil vehicle index to buy it. In Shanghai, it can get the same green "Shanghai AF" new energy license plate as the plug-in hybrid model. In the "Regulations on Investment Management of Automobile Industry (Draft for Comment)" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, it is clearly classified as an investment project of pure electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid vehicles belong to the investment scope of fuel vehicles.

● Edit Comment:

Home of the car

  Ideal Smart ONE This car can be described as a collection of high value, high endurance, medium and large 7-seat SUV, rich technology configuration, etc. It can be said that its appearance has solved some consumers who want both value and high mileage data, so the only thing we have to wait for is the final pricing of the car. If the price is close to the people, I believe it will have excellent market performance.

  In addition, the ideal intelligent ONE model is developed based on a pure tram platform. Different from ordinary pure electric vehicles, it is equipped with a large-capacity battery pack and combined with a high-power extended-range power generation system, which can fundamentally eliminate the mileage anxiety of users when using pure electric vehicles. In addition, the engine mounted inside it only serves as a range extender to generate electricity, and then the vehicle is driven by electricity. Achieve low fuel consumption and provide pure tram driving quality without changing the traditional car habits.

Home of the car

  As an extended-range power system, I believe many netizens will be unfamiliar with this name at first sight, but they will be familiar with the representative models of this system, such as BMW i3 extended-range model, buick VELITE 5, Nissan Note e-POWER and so on. Therefore, if the car is priced close to the people in the future, I believe that the extended electric vehicle route may also set off a new wave of new energy car buying in China. (Text/car home Zhouyi)

Home of the car

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In 2013, the film company grabbed the director and occupied the first place in Huayi.

The New Force of Film in 2013 (Part II): In 2013, the film marketing industry entered a period of expansion, and the publicity expenses continued to decline year after year.

    Film network feature In 2013, the total box office in the mainland reached 21.769 billion, and 32 newly released domestic films exceeded 100 million. The top ten films in the box office of Chinese films are still produced or distributed by those big companies, and Huayi’s family has taken over these three films. Last year, the total box office of the films produced and distributed by the company reached 3 billion yuan, far ahead of other private enterprises. With a completely turned-over light, last year it ranked second by releasing films. Bona Film, a veteran powerhouse, suffered a "small year", and although its reputation was good, the market response was average. This year, Wanda, LeTV, Pony Pentium and other companies have made great moves. Although Hong Kong companies such as Anle, Yindu and Huanya have not produced much in the Mainland, they have made a lot of blockbusters, which are highly anticipated.

    Looking back on 2013, it has become their goal for large companies to continuously acquire, open up markets and realize the whole industrial chain model. Huayi, whose main business includes movies, artists’ brokerage, advertising, etc., acquired more than half of the shares of two TV drama companies last year, aiming to vigorously develop the TV drama business and no longer rely on movies as a revenue to support the company. Light, which started as a TV program, also took a stake in Xinli Media, hoping to get a share in the field of TV dramas. Compared with the big moves of these two companies in capital, Bona Film has kept a low profile. In 2013, it was tepid, several blockbusters have not yet started, and the finished masterpieces have been delayed to be released this year. Such a slow action will probably be surpassed by the second legion such as Wanda and LeTV.

    It’s not just these private companies in the mainland that are racing around in the film market. Huace Film, which started as a TV series, has also begun to enter the film circle. With strong financial support, Hong Kong film companies are eyeing this big cake in the mainland to form teams and shoot blockbusters. In 2014, the film market will be a year of competition and division.

Some filmmakers’ achievements in 2013

First, mainland private companies compete for the first place, develop new directors and seize the market.

1. Huayi: Maintain the leading edge. The new and old directors are in full bloom.

    In 2012, the box office of Huayi’s films reached 2.1 billion, and films such as,, and all performed well. In 2013, "Demon on the Journey to the West" won the annual box office championship with a success of 1.246 billion, and "The Dragon King, the God of Di Renjie" and "Private Custom" also achieved good box office. In this year, the total box office of Huayi’s films exceeded 3 billion, with a box office growth rate of 45%. Huayi tried overseas expansion, co-produced films with South Korea, and released approved films. In 2014, Huayi produced at least seven new films. The company’s leading edge has always been obvious, and it is expected to continue in the new year.

    As the earliest private film and television company listed on the A-share market in the Mainland, Huayi has always been regarded as the leader of the film circle. Although the release of "Private Customization" for the Lunar New Year has caused its share price to fall, more people think that this is just a normal operation and will not have an essential impact on the future trend of Huayi’s stock.

    In September 2013, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huayi Brothers acquired 70% equity of Zhejiang Changsheng Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., and the legal person of Zhejiang Changsheng is Zhang Guoli who has a good personal relationship with Wang Zhonglei, Xiaogang Feng and others. On December 24th, Huayi Brothers acquired 51% equity of Zhejiang Yongle Film and Television Co., Ltd. for 397 million yuan, becoming the largest shareholder of this company. Zhejiang Yongle is good at shooting TV series, and the new version of Sui and Tang Dynasties Romance, Water Margin and other popular TV series are all invested and filmed by the company. Previously, Huayi has not performed as well as movies in TV series. These two acquisitions are intended to turn the company’s short-board business into a strength and gradually realize the whole industry chain model.

    In 2014, Huayi made frequent moves in movies. Peng Haoxiang’s new work has been finished, and it should be recognized by the market with the lineup of Huang Xiaoming and Zhou Xun. After Chen Guofu left, Gu Changwei joined Huayi, and his first work, titled, was closely integrated with real life. After Xiaogang Feng finished "Private Custom", the next play has not been put on the agenda. In order to stop relying too much on Xiaogang Feng, Huayi has gradually cooperated with several directors. Among them, there are not only Hong Kong and Taiwan directors such as Doze Niu and Alex Law, but also mainland new directors such as Tian Yusheng and Cheng Er, all of which have blossomed and seized market share.

    In 2011, Huayi once reached a cooperation with Legendary Entertainment of the United States, and the two sides jointly formed a new company, Oriental, and planned to launch one or two large-scale production films released globally every year. But the good times did not last long, and the cooperation between the two companies soon fell through. At the beginning of 2012, the New Deal for Chinese and American films was introduced, and more and more Hollywood blockbusters flooded into the mainland, and Sino-foreign cooperation also increased. When the blockbusters joined hands with overseas, Huayi made another move in 2013.

    In 2013, Huayi co-produced the film "Da Ming Scarlet" with the Korean Film Company, and started a new mode of cooperation. The film was released on July 18th, and the box office closed at 110 million yuan. It was not a big sale, but it opened a new chapter in the cooperation between the company and overseas. Huayi not only invested in filming, but also entered the film approval market. The Tsunami Miracle, which was released at the end of August, made a box office of 55 million. The result was not gratifying, but it was a new attempt. In 2014, Huayi accelerated the pace of cooperation with overseas filmmakers, and invested in films starring Brad Pitt and Shia La Beouf. From co-production between China and South Korea to investment in American blockbusters, Huayi’s ambition in overseas expansion can be seen.

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Five departments: schools shall not force or imply students and parents to buy designated teaching AIDS or materials.



  党中央、国务院历来高度重视教育收费管理工作,自全国治理教育乱收费部际联席会议制度建立以来,在各有关部门、地方各级政府的共同努力下,教育收费水平保持了基本稳定,教育乱收费现象得到了有效遏制。但随着经济社会的发展,教育收费管理工作在体制机制、政策执行、监督管理等方面仍然存在一些问题,与教育改革发展的需要和人民群众的期待仍然存在一定差距。为贯彻落实《中国教育现代化2035》《国务院办公厅关于进一步调整优化结构 提高教育经费使用效益的意见》等文件精神,进一步加强和规范教育收费管理,现提出以下意见。







  — — Adhere to problem orientation, reform and innovation. Constantly improve the management system of education fees, improve the policy of education fees, strengthen the management of fees in key areas and key units, focus on solving the problems of fees system and mechanism that are incompatible with the reform and development of education, and focus on solving the problems of fees that are strongly reflected by the masses. Administer education in an all-round way according to law, adhere to administration and financial management according to law, strengthen supervision after the event, combine daily supervision with special supervision, and innovate the way of charging supervision.

  Second, improve the education charging policy

  (3) Adhere to the nine-year compulsory education system. Compulsory education is fully included in the scope of financial security, and public compulsory education schools do not charge tuition and miscellaneous fees. All localities should strictly implement the compulsory education law, consolidate and improve the funding guarantee mechanism for compulsory education in urban and rural areas, adhere to the nine-year compulsory education system, and prohibit arbitrarily expanding the implementation scope of the free education policy. The standard of exempting students from tuition and miscellaneous fees in private compulsory education schools is implemented according to the benchmark quota of public funds per student; For the part with insufficient per capita education and training cost, we should strictly implement the non-profit statutory requirements and reasonably determine the charging standard. It is strictly forbidden to collect donations linked to enrollment. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, schools or other social organizations that recruit students in the compulsory education stage to carry out professional training in literature, art and sports should not include tuition and fees that students are exempted from after completing the nine-year compulsory education course.

  (four) adhere to the implementation of non compulsory education training cost sharing mechanism. Non-compulsory education implements the input mechanism of government investment, reasonable sharing by the educated and financing from other channels. According to the cost of running a school, the level of economic development and the financial situation, all provinces should implement and dynamically adjust the per capita financial allocation standard or the per capita public funding standard for public kindergartens, ordinary high schools, secondary vocational schools, higher vocational colleges and ordinary undergraduate colleges. Schools (including kindergartens, the same below) charge tuition fees (conservation education fees) to the educated according to a certain proportion of the annual average cost of education and training, and charge accommodation fees to boarding students in consideration of actual costs (excluding financial allocations). Students with financial difficulties in families enjoy the policy of reduction and exemption in accordance with relevant state regulations. All provinces should reasonably determine the proportion of tuition fees (conservation education fees) of public kindergartens, ordinary high schools and secondary vocational schools to the annual average education and training costs in light of local conditions. At present, the proportion of tuition fees in public institutions of higher learning to the annual average cost of education and training should not exceed 25%, and all localities should reasonably determine it according to the level of economic and social development, training costs and people’s affordability.

  Kindergartens run by the army that recruit children of local personnel and enjoy subsidies from the local people’s government shall be charged in accordance with the relevant provisions of public kindergartens; Those who do not enjoy subsidies shall be specifically formulated by the army in accordance with relevant state policies, and the charging standards shall be reasonably determined. The charging policies for Chinese-foreign cooperative education and part-time postgraduate education shall be formulated by the provinces.

  (5) Adhere to the classified management of private education fees. According to the relevant provisions of the Law on the Promotion of Private Education, the specific measures for charging non-profit private schools shall be formulated by the provincial people’s government; The charging standards of for-profit private schools shall be regulated by the market and decided by the schools themselves. The charging standard of inclusive private kindergartens is determined reasonably according to the administrative measures for the identification of inclusive private kindergartens promulgated by provincial people’s governments, taking into account the charging levels of public kindergartens and inclusive private kindergartens as a whole, and taking into account factors such as the level of economic development, the affordability of the masses, the cost of running parks and the level of financial subsidies. All localities should speed up the formulation and implementation of financial subsidy standards for inclusive private kindergartens, implement public subsidies for private schools in the compulsory education stage, strengthen the regulation of charging standards, and resolutely prevent excessive fees. Private schools established before November 7, 2016 shall be managed as non-profit private schools before completing the relevant procedures for classified registration.

  (six) improve the school service charges and fees and other policies. In addition to completing the normal tasks of conservation, education and teaching, the school provides students with relevant convenient services needed for study and life, and organizes activities such as study tours, after-school services and social practice. For the part borne by students or their parents, service fees can be charged according to the principles of voluntariness and non-profit. If the relevant services are provided by institutions or individuals outside the school, the school may collect and pay the relevant fees. The specific policies on school service charges and agency charges shall be formulated by the provinces. Projects that have been explicitly prohibited by the state or explicitly stipulated by the financial guarantee shall not be included in service charges and fees on behalf of the school. Schools shall not set up service charges and fees on behalf of the school without authorization, and shall not obtain the difference in the fees collected. They shall not force or imply students and parents to buy designated teaching AIDS or materials, and shall not charge related fees by starting classes in advance or in disguised form. In-school student dormitories and off-campus student apartments organized by social forces are not allowed to provide relevant life services or bundle service charges with accommodation fees. The school’s self-operated canteen shall collect meals from students who voluntarily dine, and shall adhere to the principle of public welfare and shall not be for profit.

  (7) Improve the charging policy for overseas Chinese students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan studying in the mainland (the mainland of the motherland). For students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who study in the mainland (the mainland of China) and overseas Chinese students who study in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, the same charging policy as that for mainland students (the mainland of China) shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations; Admission to the mainland (the mainland) ordinary colleges and universities and research institutes, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the implementation of the same fees as the mainland (the mainland) students.

  (eight) improve the international student fee policy. For international students studying in public primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, the charging policies shall be formulated by the provinces. The school charging policy for children of foreigners shall be formulated by the school independently. The charging standard for self-funded international students in China accepted by colleges and universities is reasonably determined by the school according to the local economic and social development level and training cost, so as to avoid vicious competition. According to the agreement between the Chinese government and the sending country, the charging policy for students who come to China for education shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations.

  Third, improve the management system of education fees

  (nine) to establish and improve the dynamic adjustment mechanism of education fees. All localities should, in accordance with the prescribed management authority and the principle of territorial management, comprehensively consider factors such as the level of economic and social development, the cost of education and training, and the affordability of the masses, reasonably determine the charging standards for tuition fees (conservation and education fees) and accommodation fees of public schools, and establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism for charging standards that is compatible with the level of funding and funding. If there is any change in the school charging policy, it should be publicized to the public before the release of the enrollment brochure. Encourage all localities to adapt to the teaching organization mode under the flexible academic system and explore the implementation of credit system charge management in colleges and universities. In schools that have been approved to implement credit system fees, the total tuition fees paid by students who normally complete their studies according to the credit system training program shall not be higher than the total tuition fees for the implementation of the academic year system in principle, and other professional courses are added or re-courses are re-taken. Schools can charge fees according to the credit charging standards stipulated in the courses. Tuition and accommodation fees shall be charged according to the academic year or semester, and shall not be collected in advance across academic years (semesters). If students drop out of school, drop out of school, finish their studies early or transfer with approval, the school should reasonably determine the amount of refund according to the actual study time. All localities should fully implement the state’s various financial aid policies, help students with financial difficulties to solve practical problems, and must not affect their normal study and life because of the adjustment of tuition standards.

  (ten) to strengthen the education and training cost investigation. Timely revise and improve the Measures for the Supervision and Examination of Education and Training Costs in Colleges and Universities (Trial), and organize the supervision and examination of the annual average education and training costs in colleges and universities. In accordance with the pricing authority, according to the Price Law, the Measures for the Supervision and Examination of Price Costs Formulated by the Government, etc., combined with local conditions, all provinces actively carry out the investigation of education and training costs in kindergartens, ordinary high schools and secondary vocational schools, and standardize the investigation behavior of education and training costs. Schools at all levels and of all types should strengthen cost accounting, and record and account the education and training costs completely and accurately.

  (eleven) standardize the hearing system of education fee decision. All localities should formulate or adjust tuition fees and other charging standards of various schools at all levels organized by the government in strict accordance with the authority and procedures prescribed by the state, include them in the catalogue of pricing hearings and conduct hearings, fully solicit opinions from relevant sectors of society, and ensure the democratic, scientific and transparent decision-making on education fees. If the standard of education fees is lowered, or the adjustment of the standard of education fees involves a small area, the hearing may adopt a summary procedure. To formulate other educational charging standards, and if necessary, a hearing can also be held.

  (twelve) strictly implement the publicity system of education fees. All localities should strictly implement the publicity system of education fees, and no fees shall be charged without publicity. All kinds of schools at all levels should establish and improve the standardized dynamic management system of charge publicity and take the initiative to accept social supervision. The charging items and standards should be publicized to students in a prominent position in the school, and indicated in the enrollment brochure and the admission notice. In the compulsory education stage, the charging standard of private schools should be publicized together with the subsidy of public funds per student obtained by schools. Students have the right to refuse to pay fees that should be publicized but not publicized according to the regulations, or fees that are inconsistent with the prescribed policies. When the charging policy changes, the school should update the publicity content in time to ensure that the publicity content is legal and effective. All localities should strictly implement the list of administrative fees such as education fees, and shall not increase the fees and expand the scope of fees without authorization.

  (thirteen) to strengthen the management of education fees. Tuition and accommodation fees of public ordinary high schools and secondary vocational schools, tuition fees, accommodation fees, entrusted training fees of public institutions of higher learning, night and short-term training fees of Handu Radio and TV University, etc., as business income, are included in the financial special account management according to the requirements of "two lines of revenue and expenditure". Public kindergarten fee income management according to the existing regulations. Service fee income shall be charged by the school according to the regulations; On behalf of the school fee income all transferred to provide services units, shall not be included in the school income. Schools should incorporate all the income and expenditure of education fees into departmental budget management and increase the overall planning of funds; The expenses related to the arrangement of education fees shall be included in the standardized management of the project library according to the regulations. Combined with other income such as education fees, we will make overall arrangements for the budget of financial allocation to give better play to the efficiency of the use of financial funds. All localities shall not use the school fee income to balance the budget, and shall not occupy, intercept, transfer or misappropriate the school fee funds in any form. Private school fee income should be paid into the school bank account filed by the education administrative department for unified management, which is mainly used for education and teaching activities, improving school conditions and ensuring the treatment of faculty and staff, and drawing development funds according to relevant laws and regulations. When collecting administrative fees, schools should use the financial bills printed (supervised) by the financial department in accordance with the financial affiliation, use the corresponding tax invoices when collecting service fees, and use the fund settlement bills when collecting fees.

  Fourth, strengthen the governance of education fees

  (fourteen) the implementation of education fees supervision responsibility. Education fees adhere to the principle of "who approves and who is responsible". The member units of the joint conference on the control of arbitrary charges in education shall, according to their respective responsibilities, incorporate education charges into the catalogue management, adjust them dynamically in a timely manner and announce them to the public in a timely manner, and supervise the implementation of relevant charging items and charging standards according to law; Strengthen the cost investigation of education fees, and establish and improve the dynamic adjustment mechanism of fees; Strengthen the supervision and inspection of fees in the field of education, and investigate and deal with illegal fees according to law; Strengthen the price management of teaching materials and supplementary materials; Guide schools at all levels to implement the education charging policy and standardize the charging behavior. All kinds of schools at all levels should strictly implement the prescribed charging scope, charging items, charging standards and charging methods, and establish and improve the school charging management system.

  (fifteen) improve the management mechanism of education fees. All localities should attach great importance to the management of education fees, establish and improve the leadership system and working mechanism, and persist in systematically promoting the management of education fees. The member units of the joint meeting of the local governments to control unreasonable charges in education should make overall coordination, improve the mechanism of regular consultation and information release, form a work pattern of charge management with clear responsibilities, collaborative linkage and mutual promotion, and strengthen the governance of education charges in key areas. It is necessary to bring the management of education fees into the scope of education supervision. Explore the establishment of a special audit system for school fees, focus on strengthening the audit of non-profit private schools, and prohibit the organizers of non-profit private schools and non-profit Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools from obtaining income from school-running income such as tuition fees, distributing school-running balance (surplus property) or transferring school-running income through related transactions and related parties in various ways.

  (sixteen) to increase the investigation and punishment of illegal charges. All localities should strengthen the daily supervision and regular inspection of education fees, establish and improve the risk early warning of education fees, acceptance of letters and visits, supervision and supervision, public notification and interview mechanisms, and seriously deal with the problems of illegal fees found. Establish and improve the accountability mechanism, the main responsibility of charge management is not implemented, measures are not in place, damage the vital interests of the masses, resulting in adverse social impact of the units and related responsible persons should be seriously accountable. If the illegal charges of private schools have a bad influence, the enrollment plan and financial support funds will be deducted according to the law until the school license is revoked or revoked.

  (seventeen) to strengthen the basic capacity building of education fee management. Implement the "National Education System Financial Management Cadre Training Implementation Plan", organize and carry out education fee management training, and improve the ability and level of education fee management. All localities should make full use of modern information technology, explore the establishment of an annual statistical reporting system for education fees, strengthen the management of education fees, further strengthen service awareness, and improve service capacity and level.

  The management of educational fees in scientific research institutes and party schools at all levels shall be implemented with reference to this opinion, and the policies for the management of fees in institutions affiliated to education departments at all levels shall be formulated separately.

New Year’s Eve has a strong flavor (going to the grassroots in the New Year and basking in my family’s New Year’s Eve)

Editor’s note: New Year’s Eve carries the most sincere expectations and the strongest affection in a year. On this New Year’s Eve, in Wushi County, Xinjiang, the resident cadres who stuck to their posts ate pilaf; In Jiaozhou, Shandong Province, the father and son who got rid of poverty set new goals; In Mohe, Heilongjiang, tourists experience the culture of Northeast China in the Arctic Village. In Jiangjin, Chongqing, the New Year’s Eve dinner for poverty-stricken farmers is much richer than in previous years. In Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, villagers who moved from ex situ to help the poor had a reunion dinner in their new houses. In Huangpu District, Guangzhou, the left-behind workers spend the New Year in a foreign land … This special and unforgettable New Year’s Eve dinner is a review and tribute to past efforts, but also a prospect and expectation for a new beginning.
Race against time and keep pace with history. In 2020, we will build a well-off society in an all-round way; In 2020, it is also the year of decisive battle against poverty. Strugglers in the new era, let’s continue to unite as one and work hard to move forward rain or shine!
Xinjiang Wushi Resident Task Force
It’s so happy that the villagers are all out of poverty and staying in the village.
Our reporter Yang Mingfang altak
On the 24th, Lunar New Year’s Eve. In Kumbulong Village, Aotebeixi Township, Wushi County, Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang, the flavor of the year is strong in the village committee courtyard.
"Dinner!" Zhu Lidong, the general leader of the "Visiting Huiju" of the Forestry and Grassland Bureau of the Autonomous Region in Wushi County, the first secretary of Kumbulong Village and the captain of the resident team, has a loud voice and greets the team members to hurry to the table. During the Spring Festival this year, all 12 members of the task force stayed in the village for the New Year.
A pot of pilaf and half a sheep, a pot of green tea makes a short story. "Everyone can’t go home for the New Year, so they have a reunion dinner in the village." Zhu Lidong served everyone a bowl of delicious hand-grabbed rice. What makes Zhu Lidong feel gratified is the change in the village. In recent years, the task force has helped villagers get rid of poverty and become rich by promoting the quality and efficiency of the forest and fruit industry, and the per capita annual income has increased from 9,000 yuan in 2017 to 13,000 yuan.
After graduating from graduate school, Zhao Dachuan, a young man from Shandong Province, worked in the Forestry and Grass Bureau of the autonomous region and was sent to stay in the village. This is his third Spring Festival in the village. "As a poverty alleviation specialist, what makes me most happy is that at the end of 2019, 32 poor households in the village were all lifted out of poverty."
There is a special little guest at the dinner table-Zhu Yuxin, the 6-year-old daughter of team member Zhu Yuefeng. Zhu Yuxin said that after Dad came to the village, he became very busy, and sometimes he didn’t have time to video with her. "Mom took care of her little brother at home, so I came to accompany Dad!"
After listening to Zhu Yuxin’s little friend’s words, Ainiwal Anshan, the vice captain of the task force, smiled lovingly. This year is the fifth year for Ainiwal to stay in the village. In the work in the village, what makes Ainiwal feel the most is the change in the village; What warms him most is the family-like atmosphere among the members working in the village. "The members come from three different nationalities, just like a family. We usually work together, regardless of you and me."
"They left their homes and businesses to do good things for the people. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts." Aminah M Kadir, a local cook hired by the team, has been helping the team for almost five years. In her and the villagers’ hearts, the resident team members have already become relatives.
This Spring Festival, not only Kumbulong village, but also more than 70,000 village cadres from 12,000 "visiting and gathering" teams in Xinjiang, most of them stick to their posts and look forward to handing over a satisfactory answer sheet in the year of decisive battle against poverty.
Yang Wei ‘an and Yang Xiaoliang, Jiaozhou, Shandong Province
Set a new goal for poverty alleviation New Year’s Eve.
Our reporter Pan Junqiang
On New Year’s Eve, every household in Songjiatun Village, Jiaolai Street, jiaozhou city City, Shandong Province, was happy with Spring Festival couplets and blessings.
"Old man, take this dumpling out." The voice of his wife, Zhang Guirong, flew out of the house, full of anger. In the yard, Yang Wei ‘an was chatting with his neighbor. He answered, went into the main room and brought a whole set of dumplings with sorghum stalks into the side room. This is his family’s New Year’s Eve. The old couple are over 70 years old and still healthy and tough.
"Go, show you the new year’s goods prepared by my family." Zhang Guirong got up and pushed open the side door. The aroma was fragrant, fried yellow croaker, rice cake with dates, and Jiaodong big cake. She opened the refrigerator, chicken legs, dried shrimps, fish … all kinds. "Before the Chinese New Year, it was difficult to eat a decent jiaozi." Zhang Guirong said. Nowadays, it is not only the Spring Festival couplets on her door that are booming, but also the better days. Four years ago, Yang Wei ‘an and his son Yang Xiaoliang got rid of poverty together. It was not easy to get back to poverty at the beginning, but now they are stable, have something to do and have a deposit. "Thanks to the help of the party and the government, we have a good day today." Yang Weian was filled with emotion.
It was getting dark and my son Yang Xiaoliang came. My son separated after he got married, but it was less than 200 meters away from Yang Wei. On New Year’s Eve every year, Yang Xiaoliang’s family comes to spend the New Year with the old couple.
On the New Year’s Eve dinner, the father and son sat on the kang, guarding jiaozi, and Yang Wei ‘an scalded the wine, chanting, "jiaozi drinks wine, and the more you eat, the more you have!"
After half a bowl of wine, Yang Weian opened his mouth. Sixteen years ago, a car accident caused Yang Xiaoliang to suffer from a comminuted skull fracture, blindness in his left eye and disability. Parents are old, and Yang Xiaoliang can’t do heavy work. His daughter-in-law takes care of him and his children at home, and occasionally takes time out to do odd jobs to subsidize the family.
The reason for the change is that Yang Xiaoliang wants her daughter to continue to study hard. The prostitute has been studying very well. "After high school, it is more expensive to pay tuition fees to buy materials than in primary and secondary schools." Yang Xiaoliang said that he thought about it for a long time and felt that raising sheep was the most suitable. "I have to thank the poverty alleviation cadres, help me apply for a poverty alleviation fund of 3,500 yuan, and buy a male, five mothers and six sheep. This is the seed of poverty alleviation; I have to thank the technicians of the animal husbandry and epidemic prevention departments for giving us free guidance. " Now, my daughter is in her senior year and has just taken the postgraduate exam.
Now, there are more than 70 sheep at home. Yang Weian told Yang Xiaoliang that this year we will work harder to get rid of poverty and strive to get rich.
Heilongjiang Mohe nonlocal tourists
Meet in Beiji Village and Experience the Year of Northeast China.
Our reporter Fiona Fang.
"Happy New Year! Give everyone a free New Year’s Eve dinner tonight! " On the morning of New Year’s Eve, in Arctic Village, Mohe City, Heilongjiang Province, he ye, the proprietress of the Youth Hostel’s Friends’ Home, set out. While introducing the activities in the evening to tourists, she filled the table with candy and nuts, and handed out a few to everyone.
It is the practice in the store to provide delicious New Year’s Eve dinner for everyone.
Li Xiaoyun, a volunteer who helps in the store, is from Guangzhou. A month ago, she accidentally saw the information that the store was recruiting volunteers to be responsible for the reception at the front desk, so she went there with pleasure. Her job includes food and accommodation, and she can visit the Arctic Village after work. "I just want to experience the year here." She said that she experienced a lot of northeast folk customs this time, and she also learned to pack jiaozi with the proprietress.
Chicken stewed mushrooms, a bumper harvest, pot-wrapped meat … At 5 pm, the New Year’s Eve dinner was officially opened, and delicious food was served one after another. The atmosphere of 2008 allowed people who had never met each other to get to know each other quickly and come to raise your glass together.
Hu Li, a tourist from Jiangsu, is the third time to come back to the Arctic Village. "I can’t play enough at once. The most important thing is that I really miss the food here." Said, and he picked up a frozen pear on the table, "this thing, we can’t eat it at all. Bite it down, it’s sweet and icy, and it tastes great! "
Behind the good tourism experience is the efforts made by Mohe municipal government to optimize the tourism market.
"Since December 20th last year, it is still hard to get a ticket to open a train from Harbin to Mohe every day. We set up a comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade to make unannounced visits to scenic spots, find problems in advance and solve them well, and improve the comfort of tourism. " Feng Guangqing, Party Secretary and Director of Mohe Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Television and Tourism, said.
During dinner, Hu Li discussed with his friends and went to other scenic spots in Heilongjiang in summer.
"Let’s drink to the Arctic Village and have a happy New Year!" There was laughter in the room, and under the inky night sky, gorgeous fireworks lit up this tourist hotspot in the northernmost part of the motherland.
Chongqing Jiangjin Poverty Alleviation Farmer Yang Wanliang
Life is easy, and the annual meal is rich.
Our reporter Liu Xinwu
One yard, two houses. On one side is an adobe house, and the wooden door creaks when touched. On one side is a new house with white walls and black tiles, and the "New Year’s Eve" is here.
As soon as the reporter entered the room, Yang Wanliang was enthusiastic, and oranges and sweets piled up on the table. The joy of the New Year is full of joy in Yang Wanliang’s face. "Now the days are better and the annual meal is richer!" Yang Wanliang dragged everyone around the house. There was a big barrel in the kitchen. When the lid was lifted, the bacon smelled delicious. In the vegetable garden, cabbage, radish and lettuce grow well.
Braised pork smells delicious, boiled fish is fresh and tender, and lettuce leaves are green and appetizing … This year, Yang Wanliang’s family reunion dinner is much richer than in previous years.
Piluo Village, where Yang Wanliang lives, is located in the south of Yongxing Town, jiangjin district, Chongqing, with high mountains and steep slopes. It was once a poor village at the municipal level, and 1/10 of them were poor households. Yang Wanliang was one of them. In order to help poor households increase their income, the village has formulated a "one household, one policy" assistance plan. At first, Yang Wanliang didn’t buy it, waiting for "relief". "Forget developing the industry, can you help me buy a mobile phone?"
Help the poor first. Knowing the situation, Xu Yuanfeng, the first secretary in the village, intends to "stimulate" him and take him to visit poverty-stricken households. Seeing someone else’s new house, Yang Wanliang’s expression is somewhat complicated.
After repeated persuasion, Yang Wanliang was determined to "do it". After careful comparison, he decided to raise chickens. The village helped him to contact and buy chicken seedlings, and asked experienced farmers to teach him by hand. Yang Wanliang raised 50 chickens in the first batch and got a grant. The agricultural cooperative helped him introduce buyers. With the help of policies, Yang Wanliang spent less than 20,000 yuan to build a new house. There are also public welfare posts in the village to help employment. In March 2019, he became a road cleaner with a monthly salary of more than 1,000 yuan. At the end of the year, Yang Wanliang calculated an account, earning 4,000 yuan from selling livestock and 10,000 yuan from sweeping the floor. Together with the income from selling chickens, he has earned more than 20,000 yuan in one year.
In the second half of last year, Yang Wanliang got rid of poverty and took off his hat. In order to facilitate contact, he bought a smart phone and learned to use WeChat. "It’s so convenient, and you can video chat!"
Villagers who moved in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province
After eating this meal, it is a family.
Our reporter Chen Yuanyuan.
On New Year’s Eve, in the centralized resettlement site for ex situ poverty alleviation and relocation in Huachong Village, Longmen Town, Lukou District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, villager Huang Yousheng had a special reunion dinner. Not only his family, but also his neighbors and village cadres had dinner.
Referring to the change of living conditions, Huang Yousheng found out the photos of the old house. "My hometown is an adobe house, and the air leaks and the rain leaks." At the end of 2017, Huang Yousheng’s family moved into a new house at the resettlement site. "Now the house is big, and the income of the couple working together with poverty alleviation and dividends from the village industry is more than 50,000 yuan a year." Huang Yousheng’s neighbors are all villagers who moved from Huachong Village to help the poor. There are 8 households with 21 people, and now they have all got rid of poverty.
Huang Yousheng’s father was seriously ill and his son was sick. The burden of life once overwhelmed him. "Now I am not poor. This year is a good year, and there will be more hope in the coming year."
Into the resettlement site, hung red lanterns, brand-new Spring Festival couplets, put up a shed in front of the house, and put a brazier in the middle of the shed, which is warm and clean.
In the greenhouse, the drama has begun. Jinghu solo, Huagu Opera, Pop Songs … Wei Libin, a staff member of the literary squad of Zhuzhou Drama Heritage Center, performed six grounded programs with his team members in one breath. At the end of the performance, some villagers were not satisfied, so they simply went on stage and said a jingle: "The working team sent by the district was tired for poverty alleviation. They climbed high slopes in five years of cold and summer and tried their best to build a golden nest."
The kitchen is next to the stage, and the local cookhouse squad with the best reputation personally cooks. I heard that it was a holiday for poor households. Master Fu Lima promised: "I have to cook this meal. Everyone comes from different places and eats this meal, which is a family." The menu design is also satisfying, symbolizing the "family photo" of reunion, and the braised pork of happiness … 12 dishes, 8 tables of banquets, everything is complete.
Chen Xiangquan, an idle villager, came to help from another resettlement site early in the morning. In the past, Lao Chen earned less than 10 thousand yuan. "I am still young, how can I not live a good life?" Now, Lao Chengan raises and does business, earning nearly 80,000 yuan a year. When Mr. Chen was mentioned, everyone in the village gave a thumbs up.
The new year breeds new hope. Wang Shuai, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office in Qikou District, said: "This year, we are heading for a well-off society in an all-round way, so that everyone’s life will flourish."
Guangzhou Huangpu left-behind workers
Stick to a foreign land on the construction site for the New Year.
Our reporter Li Gang
On New Year’s Eve, Pan Qingyu from Guilin, Guangxi, and more than 10 left-behind workers walked into the canteen of the construction site at the Nano Valley site of China Construction Railway Investment Rail Transit Company in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong. At the age of 23, this year is the first time that he left his parents to spend the New Year in another country, so it is inevitable that he will miss home. But I am not lonely when I am talking and laughing with my workmates.
According to Guangdong customs, on New Year’s Eve morning, Pan Qingyu put on new clothes and went to the nearby Guangzhou Knowledge City Flower Market with his workers. When in Rome, he did as the Romans do, chose a pot of azaleas, bought Spring Festival couplets and the word "Fu", went back to the construction site to carefully tidy up the dormitory, put up Spring Festival couplets and put flowers on it, and it was really the New Year.
After the New Year’s dinner, the workers arrived, everyone gathered together, poured drinks and clinked glasses, and the atmosphere of the festival group year immediately came up.
Unlike Pan Qingyu’s family’s new year’s big dish, today’s reunion dinner is just a pot of vegetables. A table is a pot, and a pot is a table. Not only he, but even Li Changbiao, the warehouse property manager who has worked outside for more than 30 years, has never seen this kind of New Year’s dinner. The most conspicuous thing in the "big pot dish" is a whole grouper, as well as big crabs, shrimps, boiled chicken, roasted goose, mushrooms, oily tofu and more than 10 hard dishes, which make a big pot full. This is the characteristic of the coastal areas of southern Guangdong, where one pot and one table are full, and through a pot full of layered dishes, it means reunion and wealth, hoping for a bumper harvest.
Pan Qingyu told reporters that before the holiday, he had delivered the company’s Spring Festival gift package to his home, and bought a lot of new year’s goods online and sent them directly to his home, expressing his wishes to his parents through WeChat transfer.
The New Year’s Eve dinner is indispensable in Guangdong, and everyone present has a share. Xiao Huajun and Wang Linhai, security guards from Ji ‘an, Jiangxi Province, were very happy to receive the red seal from the managers. Xiao Huajun said that he hasn’t received lucky money for many years, and this letter made him seem to have returned to his childhood.
"Before the Chinese New Year, the company cancelled all kinds of dinners, but this meal for left-behind workers must not be saved." Hu Yangping, chairman of the labor union of China Construction Railway Rail Transit Company, said that the company’s development today was created by workers with their hands.
Figure ①: Tourists enjoy the New Year’s Eve dinner in Arctic Village, Mohe, Heilongjiang.
Photo by Li Xiaoyun (People’s Vision)
Fig. 2: Members of the Xinjiang Forestry and Grassland Bureau’s team in Kumbulong Village, Aotebeixi Township, Wushi County, Aksu Prefecture gather to celebrate the Spring Festival.
Our reporter Yang Mingfang photo
Figure ③: Staff and children of poverty relief office in Lukou District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province make decorations for the Spring Festival.
Figure ④: Village cadres and villagers are preparing for the New Year’s Eve dinner in the centralized resettlement site for ex situ poverty alleviation and relocation in Huachong Village, Longmen Town, Lukou District.
Zhu Gangshe (People’s Vision)
Layout design: Cai Huawei
People’s Daily (January 25, 2020, 02 edition)

Notice of Shanghai Sports Lottery Center on the Closing of Sports Lottery during the "Spring Festival" Holiday and the Redemption of the Lottery

According to the Announcement of the Ministry of Finance on the Arrangements for the Closing of the Lottery Market in 2024 (Announcement No.73 of the Ministry of Finance in 2023),The sports lottery will be closed for the Spring Festival in 2024 from 0:00 on February 8 to 24:00 on February 17.During the closing period, except for instant lottery tickets, the sales, lottery and redemption of other lottery games in the country will be stopped. The following arrangements are made for the closure and redemption of sports lottery tickets during the Spring Festival in Shanghai:

First, the arrangement of closing the market

(1) Sports lottery nationwide networking.Lotto and digital games stopped selling at 0:00 on February 8, 2024, and resumed selling at 0:00 on February 18.

(2) The quiz schedule, opening time, closing time and lottery time of traditional sports lottery football games shall be implemented according to the relevant quiz schedule announced by the Lottery Center of the General Administration of Sports. National networking single gameQuiz football games and basketball games stopped selling at 22:00 on February 7 and resumed selling at 11:00 on February 18., the specific matters shall be subject to the announcement of SMG.

Second, the redemption arrangement

(1)During the closing period from February 8 to February 17, all sports lottery sales outlets stopped paying small prizes of less than 20,000 yuan (including 20,000 yuan) for computer-based lottery tickets.Redemption will be resumed on February 18th.

(2) The redemption time of the grand prize at the redemption office is: during the closing period from February 8 to February 17, the redemption of the grand prize will be suspended, and the redemption will be resumed from February 18.

(3) In order to protect the rights and interests of lottery buyers, if the last day of the redemption period of various games falls during the Spring Festival holiday, the deadline for redemption will be postponed to the first day after the holiday (February 18); If the game redemption period includes 10 days (including February 17th) during the Spring Festival holiday, the deadline for redemption will be extended by 2 days.

Source: Shanghai Sports