NetTest CMA5000 multi-layer network test platform

  In a rapidly changing environment, adaptability is the key to success. In the extremely competitive communication market, it is very important to deploy new services quickly and meet customer needs in time. NetTest is one of the few companies active in all major network technology fields. NetTest has the experience and professionals to develop test and measurement solutions, which can fully meet your current and future needs. From DWDM, SONET/SDH and Gigabit Ethernet testing to dispersion and OTDR measurement, CMA5000 is an ideal solution. In addition to unparalleled flexibility and scalability, CMA5000′ s high-performance measurement application can also install, open and archive the network more effectively, thus accelerating the deployment of new services. From physical layer, data link layer, network layer to transport layer, CMA5000 provides a real multi-layer network testing solution.

  CMA5000 is the first high-performance and scalable test and measurement solution in the industry, which can meet the demanding requirements of communication professionals, accelerate the opening of new services and reduce the overall measurement cost.

   CMA5000′ s open structure design, powerful functions and modular platform can provide the highest performance measurement application, which can help users analyze and open the network faster than competitors and start making profits earlier. In addition, the configuration flexibility and expansibility of CMA5000 enable it to be improved with the change of users’ test requirements and the constant change of telecom infrastructure technical requirements.

  I. Analysis of Physical Layer Characteristics

CMA5000 continues NetTest’s long-term leading position in the field of optical fiber and network characteristic analysis. CMA5000 OTDR application provides a dynamic range of over 50 dB, and can obtain the required OTDR test information on any link in a few seconds.

  Providing the best OTDR performance is only a good beginning. In the process of comprehensive analysis of physical layer media characteristics, the function and scalability of CMA5000 platform are particularly prominent. Combined with the best OTDR in the industry, CMA5000 can provide all the test applications needed for perfect physical medium characteristic analysis, including:

chromatic dispersion

Polarization mode dispersion

Visible fault locator


Optical return loss

Visual detection probe (for connector inspection)

Loss tester

Second, the DWDM network equipment installation

  With the beginning of network installation, the final delivery deadline is approaching day by day, and time is of the essence. During the equipment installation, CMA5000 can help you complete the task correctly once, which speeds up the deployment of the network. With the intuitive display of information including channel wavelength (or frequency) and power, OSNR and system gain slope, the application of spectral analysis (OSA) and optical channel analysis (OCA) provides accurate and efficient network channel management, power balance and adjustment.

  In addition to the industry-leading OSA and OCA performance, CMA5000 also provides a visual inspection probe (VIP) to verify the connector quality, and the optical power meter is used to measure the power of a single channel or the overall system power. When used with high power amplifiers and pump lasers, safety is the key. VIP provides a safe and reliable method for inspecting, evaluating and recording the end face condition of connectors, thus avoiding potential dangerous situations.

  Whether testing transmitter, amplifier, receiver or other optical devices, CMA5000 OSA, OCA, visual detection probe and optical power meter all provide the required performance for the rapid installation of network equipment.

Third, the network is opened

  Today’s competitive environment requires the network to provide extremely high performance and reliability, ensuring that the failure time is minimized. CMA5000 is once again your best choice for characteristic analysis and archiving under such strict performance level requirements. The application of optical transmission analysis (OTA) provides efficient and reliable testing for many parameters, including alarm and error code analysis, APS with 125 μs resolution, round-trip delay measurement with 100 ns resolution, and network availability and performance evaluation. OTA application can analyze the characteristics of PDH/T-carriers to SONET/SDH with a speed of up to 10 GB/s. In addition, OTA’s innovative fault scanning function can automatically detect problems, so as to quickly identify and correct network damage and ensure that the network meets your and your customers’ expectations.

Fourth, business deployment

  When the network construction is about to be completed, customers will be eager to deploy new services. At this time, time is of the essence. CMA5000 Gigabit Ethernet application can help you meet the challenge and ensure that key parameters including throughput, delay, frame rate, lost frames, etc. (see RFC 2544 for details) are met, thus accelerating business deployment. In addition, the measurement of error code at the frame level and the comprehensive IP statistics function enable CMA5000 to provide key layer 2 QoS information. Gigabit Ethernet test application provides the required performance for the installation, maintenance and fault location of Ethernet network based on 10/100/1000 Mbps with its unparalleled high efficiency and ease of use.

  The flexible and extensible design of CMA5000 integrated test platform integrates the best functions of each test application, which accelerates business deployment, reduces measurement costs and optimizes bandwidth.

V. Summary

  The following are just some of the tests conducted by NetTest to ensure the optimal performance of all network layers:

1 transport layer

Protocol analysis


Channel usage

Performance and load

2 Network layer

· IP QoS

· RFC-2544

· SLA verification

3 data link layer

· 10/100/1000 Ethernet

Ethernet based on SONE/ISDN


Error code


Sudden ability

Lost package

Frame loss

4 Physical layer (upper layer) DWDM and SONET/SDH


Channel signal-to-noise ratio and drift

Power measurement

Error code

Automatic protection switching

Propagation delay

5 Physical layer (lower layer) medium


· CD


End-to-end attenuation

Optical return loss

Visible fault location

Inspection of connector

Optical telephone

Optical switch

BYD Han OTA upgrade and optimization to improve vehicle performance and user experience.

Before BYD Han, China brand had a good sales performance in the middle and low-grade SUV market, but it was facing a huge crisis in other market segments. Especially in the mid-to-high-end car market with a price of more than 200,000, the product supply capacity of China brand is seriously out of line with the purchasing power of consumers. When BBA sells more than 10,000 models with a price of more than 300,000 per month, China brand has little power to cope. Fortunately, the sales volume listed in July 2020 steadily broke through 10,000, and it became the exception.
get away
, Audi 6L, the only product that achieves a stable monthly sales volume of over 10,000. It is said that since its listing, BYD Han’s cumulative sales volume has exceeded 92,000 vehicles, and it continues to lead the medium and large-scale market of China brands. On the first anniversary of listing, in order to meet the diversified needs of users, BYD Han also launched a new OTA upgrade package.

As an intelligent new energy flagship car that can be upgraded by OTA, BYD Han has been upgraded many times since its listing. However, on the evening of July 19th, the OTA upgrade of BYD Han’s first anniversary will be pushed one after another, which is also the 15th OTA upgrade of Han. Many new online functions are very interesting, such as HUAWEI HiCar, RPA’s automatic parking assistance function outside the car, and rhythmic music atmosphere lights, which can bring users a smarter and more interesting travel experience.

In order to adapt to the multi-scene parking environment, BYD Han introduced the RPA automatic parking assistance function on the basis of visual integration of automatic parking assistance system, which can help users solve the parking problems in different scenes, so as to achieve automatic parking of vehicles inside and outside the car, making parking easier and easier to operate. After all, in some extreme cases, people can better avoid risks by parking outside the car, making parking safer and ensuring the safety of users and vehicles.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the DiLink 3.0 intelligent networking system carried by BYD Han is also very user-friendly. Empowered by digital technology, DiLink 3.0 intelligent networking system has brought more intelligent human-computer interaction experience, and through continuous OTA upgrade, it has created a more "know you" intelligent cockpit. This time, BYD Han’s new HUAWEI HiCar can also realize the intelligent interconnection of people, cars and homes. Through the connection between mobile devices and cars, mobile phone applications and services can be extended to the Internet, and the mobile phone can be controlled by the car, including cool dog music, Himalayan, Alipay and other mainstream applications. In order to provide users with both auditory and visual enjoyment, BYD Han’s OTA upgrade adds rhythmic music atmosphere lights, which adds more driving pleasure and a sense of driving ceremony to car life.

All in all, BYD Han not only has the advantages of products, but also leads the industry in its persistence in technology research and development. This time, BYD Han launched the OTA upgrade package, which added a number of intelligent new functions, which not only enriched the car life of the majority of car owners, but also saved a lot of trouble for car owners when using vehicles to travel.

Hengnan, Hunan: On New Year’s Eve, the secretary of the county party committee joined them for a group annual banquet.

Hu Guoxiong, secretary of Hengnan County Party Committee, celebrated the New Year with the "Hengnan builders" who chose to stay in Hengnan for the New Year.
Xu Feng couldn’t help but make a video call to his wife and show his family reunion dinner to his wife and daughter who are far away from home.
Red Net reporter Wang Min correspondent Xiao Liyuan Liu Yanfeng reports from Hengyang
"Look, the secretary has come to accompany us for the New Year!" Every factory in Hengnan industrial concentration area is filled with jubilant atmosphere.
On New Year’s Eve today, Hu Guoxiong, secretary of Hengnan County Party Committee, is most concerned about those "Hengnan builders" who responded to the government’s call and chose to stay in Hengnan for the New Year. This New Year’s Eve, they will not eat alone, because the county party secretary will represent 1.13 million people in Hengnan to celebrate the New Year with them!
"Thank you for your contribution to the economic and social development of Hengnan, and thank you for your understanding and support for the policy of celebrating the New Year on the spot! I sincerely wish everyone good luck, happiness and well-being in the New Year. " At the group annual banquet, Hu Guoxiong’s words aroused warm applause from the workers on the scene.
The most anticipated and important thing in the bustling Spring Festival is the reunion dinner with my family on New Year’s Eve. However, this year, many people gave up the opportunity of reunion in their hometown and chose to celebrate the New Year on the spot in response to the government’s call.
"Wife, look, this is my reunion dinner today. Is the food good?" Xu Feng, a native of Yichang, Hubei Province, has worked in Hengnan Deyi Precision Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. for ten years. At the scene of the group annual banquet, he couldn’t help but make a video call to his wife and show his family annual dinner to his wife and daughter far away from home.
"I mainly hope that my wife and family can rest assured that everything is fine here." Xu Feng told reporters that this was the first time in his life that he was not in his hometown for the New Year. He didn’t expect the secretary of the county party committee to come to celebrate the New Year with everyone. He felt very warm, very homey and very festive.
Yang Wenji, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hengnan Industrial Cluster, told the reporter that 21 enterprises in Hengnan Industrial Cluster had 523 non-Hunan employees, and 262 people stayed in Hengyang for the New Year. Considering the epidemic prevention requirements, the group annual banquet was held in several venues. Employees can take their seats in the canteen only after measuring the temperature by infrared rays.
In addition to inviting employees to dinner at the group annual banquet that day, the county party secretary also distributed a "big gift package" to each employee. The "Gift Package" includes hand sanitizer, masks and other epidemic prevention materials, as well as 200 yuan cash-filled red envelopes, 20g mobile phone traffic, and a Hengyang tourism year card.
It is worth mentioning that the menu of the group annual banquet on that day is also quite particular. "We have prepared a total of 12 dishes, in addition to our local specialty in Hengnan, the earthen bowl, and also specially prepared dishes for the tastes of employees in different places." Yang Wenji introduced that in addition to the requirements for taste, considering food safety, the raw materials of the group annual banquet have passed the inspection of the food and drug supervision department.
"Our purpose is to hope that non-Hunan employees who stay in Hengnan for the New Year can have a good year! Have a peaceful year, a happy year! " Yang Wenji has a bright smile.